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Regulators adytum.png
Regulators welcome the Vault Dweller to Adytum
LeadershipPrinciple Regulator[1] Caleb
Notable MembersRegulator Second Class[1] Cravotta
Regulator guard

The Regulators are the vicious paramilitary dictatorship that serves as the police force of Adytum until about 2161.


Led by the sadistic Caleb, the Regulators are a vicious gang that serves as the "police force" of Adytum in Southern California. Nominally under the authority of Adytum's mayor, Jon Zimmerman, they in fact manipulate Zimmerman and control Adytum's affairs, ruling harshly, expropriating a good part of Adytum's industrial wealth for themselves, and enforcing forced labor on Adytum's citizens.

To legitimize their authority, they have claimed that the Blades, a survivalist group to the north, are a threat, and frame them for crimes, such as the murder of Jon Zimmerman's son.

The Regulators are part of the group that left the demonstration Vault in south Los Angeles and founded Adytum.


They have a formal command structure, with the Principle Regulator[1] Caleb at the top. The only other known rank is Regulator Second Class[1] Cravotta.

Outside relations

The Regulators routinely harass the Blades and extort the Gun Runners.

Interaction with the player character

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The extent of their technology is radio, metal armor, and small arms.


Caleb's Regulators appear only in Fallout. They are not related in any way to the Capital Wasteland Regulators from Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

In the initial design of Adytum, the Regulators were the police force of the town, tasked with keeping the town safe from outside gangs such as the nearby Blades. Leonard Boyarsky felt that the motif of a town besieged by gangsters had been overdone, and suggested rewriting the design to flip the stereotype, making the nearby gangs fairly passive while putting the town under the heel of an authoritarian and draconian "police" force.[2]