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Fo4FH Reformation.png
DiMA together with the new and improved High Confessor
Quest data
The Nucleus
Given ByDiMA
RewardProtector of Acadia
1500 caps (DiMA)
Editor IDDLC03MQ06a
Base IDxx02127f
Related quests
The Way Life Should Be
leads to:
Close to Home
Cleansing the Land

Reformation is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


In order to pacify the Children of Atom, DiMA proposes that the Survivor aid him in replacing High Confessor Tektus with someone less hostile to Far Harbor: A synthetic copy of the man.


  1. The first step for the player is to retrieve Martin's holotapes from the pump control underground room. It can be accessed through the sewer beneath the crashed Vim truck.
  2. Then they have to return to DiMA with the tapes to help him synthesize the Tektus persona.
  3. Afterwards, the High Confessor needs to make room for his replacement. The player has to go to the Nucleus and convince the real Tektus to meet them away from his flock, in the control center. Letting him hear Martin's New Age convinces him to the secret meeting, as he becomes concerned about Martin's potential return.
  4. Tektus is found down the side corridor in the control center, in the storage room. The player has two options: Killing Tektus and hiding him in the alcove, immuring his dead body so that nobody can find it, or persuading Tektus to flee, sparing his life.
  5. After the reformation is assured, the player simply has to return to DiMA.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Recover Martin's Holotapes I've agreed to help DiMA replace the High Confessor. First, I'll need to recover a couple of Confessor Martin's holotapes from his old refuge.
Give Martin's Tapes to DiMA I've got the tapes DiMA asked for. Time to head back to Acadia and hand them over.
Convince the High Confessor to Meet with you I've got DiMA's fabricated holotape. Now I just need to present it to the High Confessor and convince him to join me... alone.
Play "Marin's New Age" for the High Confessor The High Confessor can't believe I found Confessor Martin's tape. He asked me to play it for him.
Head to the Meeting Location The High Confessor has agreed to meet me in the Command Center tunnels. I should head down there now.
Deal with the High Confessor The High Confessor has arrived. Time to end his reign... permanently.
Return to DiMA I convinced the High Confessor to leave the island for good. Now to let DiMA know the job's done.
It's done. The new High Confessor is in place and peace has been restored to Far Harbor once again.
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