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Reeb Marina
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Map MarkerReeb Marina
Cell NameReebMarinaExt
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TerminalsEugene's Terminal
Malcom's Terminal

Reeb Marina is an intact harbor in ruins of Revere, Massachusetts in 2287.


This small, derelict marina north of Boston was where two twin brothers, Malcolm and Eugene, sought refuge in the weeks after the Great War. They arrived on November 2 and intended to repair a boat and sail out of the irradiated and chaotic Commonwealth.[1][2]

Although they both firmly believed that family should stick together, by November 22 their relationship was strained to the breaking point. The brother's bad habits both frustrated the other to no end, but they were mostly angered over which direction to take: Malcolm wished to head north while Eugene wished to head south.[3][4] Their final argument left them communicating with each other via notes. Eugene would passive aggressively ask Malcolm to do something and Malcolm would respond with immature repugnance.[5] It got to the point that Malcolm threatened his brother over who owned the last of the coffee.[5]

By mid December they both snapped, each planning to kill the other and justifying it by shifting the blame onto them and ironically in the same way: thinking they would never suspect a thing. Twins really do think alike... They both planned to manipulate the Mister Handy safety protocols, grogramming the robots to surprise the other on their birthday (December 12) then attacking and killing them. Eugene was the first to manipulate protocols on the 18th[6] and falsely proposed to bury the hatchet. While Malcolm agreed and manipulated the Handys on the 17th.[7]

Eugene's plan went forward first, the robots killed his twin brother. Then Eugene put Malcolm's corpse in a coffin and placed it and a vase with flowers off to the side of the property. Afterward, when Eugene returned to the hangar, he was greeted by the Mister Handys which executed the same happy birthday he gave to Malcolm. His skeleton still lies on the floor of the boathouse.[8][9][10]


The entrance to the marina warehouse is found on the southwest side. The warehouse has two living quarters: one that used to be Malcolm's and one that used to Eugene's. Each living quarter has a bed, couch, television set and a personal terminal. There ia a weapons workbench in the southwest corner of the warehouse and an armor workbench in the southeast corner. Outside, in one of the sheds, is a power armor station.

Notable loot


Reeb Marina appears only in Fallout 4.


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