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Red Rocket truck stop
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Map MarkerRed Rocket Truck Stop
FactionsRed Rocket (formerly)
Commonwealth Minutemen (optionally)
Cell NameRedRocketExt
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TerminalsRed Rocket Terminal

The Red Rocket truck stop is a location and possible settlement in the Commonwealth.


This Red Rocket service station was not only a way station for trucks, it was also a full service station between Sanctuary Hills and Concord, providing petrol and fusion power to their customers. This particular Red Rocket was accommodated by the corporation with the 2076 Trashbusters Award,[1] despite the fact that both Benson and Jim were secretly dumping hazardous material in the cave below the station instead of disposing of it properly.[2][3]

Settlement information

With a threat level of 1-5, the Red Rocket truck stop makes for an easily defensible location, albeit a small one. A convenient starting settlement, with the moderate amount of useful salvage in the immediate area and every variety of crafting station, development of this truck stop is still fairly limited due to its rather small boundaries. At low levels the mole rats respawn rather frequently, but they stop spawning once the player reaches a high enough level.


Just outside of Concord, this pump station consists of a small fueling section with an adjacent reception area. Within the garage is the settlement workshop, a power armor station, a weapons workbench; outside of the station is a cooking station and armor workbench behind the station, and a chemistry station on the southeast wall.

Mole rat den

Dug into the hill south of the station, the earthen tunnel leads to a main chamber filled with junk. This chamber splits has two more tunnels; the western one leads to a small dump site with a Novice-locked safe, while the eastern tunnel has some improperly disposed nuclear material, which emits a maximum of 10 rads per second. Unfortunately this underground chamber is not part of the buildable area.


Notable loot

  • A fusion core is next to the improperly disposed nuclear material in the mole rat den.
  • The Trashbusters Award note is on a wooden crate next to the improperly disposed nuclear materiel in the mole rat den.



  • Using this settlement purely as a personal workshop and not populating it with any settlers is an option if you would prefer not having to worry about settlers taking your stored items from containers.
  • Companions regularly open and walk through the door that faces the road. Since enemies always attack from the road at this location, it's preferable to have this door closed. Placing a piece of fence across the doorway will stop them from using this door.
    • Alternatively, a guard post can be placed in front of the door. If you choose this option, assign someone and leave room for them to access it from the sides, as they get stuck if the guard post is placed right up against the doorway. This won't stop your companions from using the door, but it will keep enemies from running right through the door and into the garage area, which is the main concern.
  • Placing stairs at the back of the building near the dumpster will provide access to the large relatively flat roof, which is great if you need more space. Don't use the narrow stairs if you want settlers to go up there.


The Red Rocket truck stop appears only in Fallout 4.


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