Red 888 Guns

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Red 888 Guns
Fo2 Red 888 Guns Exterior.png
Part ofChinatown, San Francisco

Red 888 Guns is the premiere weapons expo in the San Francisco area, run by Mai Da Chiang in 2241. His prices are extremely steep compared to other vendors. However, he stocks hard-to-find weapons, ammunition and armor in his inventory - even power armor.



Two tables, chock full of guns and ammo, take up the southern half of the store. Mai Da Chiang and his Imperial bodyguard stand behind a small counter.


Red 888 Guns appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

  • The store owner's name, 'Mai Da Chiang', when pronounced in Chinese-English pinyin, can be literally translated to either 'buy big guns' or 'sell big guns' depending on the tone used. The word 'Chiang' is not strictly correct, however, as the true pinyin for 'guns' is 'Qiang'.
  • In Chinese culture, eight is considered to be an auspicious number (as are numbers composed of more than one eight).