Recruit Tycho

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Recruit Tycho
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Quest data
RewardTycho as a companion
300 XP
+5% Outdoorsman (optional)
Related quests
Save Killian's Life (required)

Recruit Tycho is an unmarked quest in Fallout.


Go to the Skum Pitt between 4:00pm – 6:00pm and talk to Tycho. Have a drink with him and discuss his life for a permanent 5% Outdoorsman bonus.

If you Mention trying to clean up Junktown of its crime problem, the option of him joining you will appear. Once he accepts, he will be in the Vault Dweller's party, and the Vault Dweller will get 300 XP.



  • If Kenji succeeds in killing Killian Darkwater, Tycho is not recruitable.
  • If the player is caught stealing the Neal's urn, Tycho will become hostile (before he is recruited).
  • The Outdoorsman bonus can only be obtained by the player before Tycho is recruited, by choosing the good dialogue lines.