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Recon squad Gladius
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LeadershipPaladin Danse
Notable MembersField Scribe Haylen
Knight Rhys
Knight Keane
Knight-Sergeant Dawes
Knight Worwick
Knight Brach
Sole Survivor (optional)
HeadquartersCambridge police station
Relations and associations
ParentBrotherhood of Steel
Related EntitiesRecon squad Artemis

Recon squad Gladius is a squad of soldiers sent by the Brotherhood of Steel to investigate the super mutant activity reported within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


After all contact was lost with the survivor of recon squad Artemis, and after reports of heavy super mutant activity in the region began coming in, recon squad Gladius was formed, under the command of Paladin Danse, to investigate the Commonwealth, remove hostile mutant threats, and acquire important technology whenever possible. Upon arrival, the recon squad was immediately attacked by raiders, who managed to disable Knight Keane's power armor, which consequently led to the squad's first documented major loss.[1]

After recovering from the ambush, recon squad Gladius managed their way to Cambridge, where they set up their garrison at the Cambridge police station.[2] After fortifying the station, Paladin Danse made the fateful decision to retaliate against the local raiders by staging an attack against the Corvega assembly plant, in Lexington, where Danse was ultimately forced to call a retreat, after Knight Brach was killed by a landmine, and Knight Worwick was fatally wounded before dying two days later.[3][4]

Following this complete failure, the squad began recuperating, with their next mission being the investigation of the Boston airport, as well as Fort Strong for supplies, where they were surprised by a group of super mutants who managed to kill Knight-Sergeant Dawes before the squad was able to fully retreat, once again.[5] Sometime after this event, while making their way back to the station, Scribe Haylen detected an odd burst of energy coming from what is, in actuality the Institute. Wishing to report these readings the elder, Haylen began attempts to fully repair the police station's antenna.[6]

As Haylen attempted to repair the antenna with limited parts,[7] the police station came under assault by an unusually large group of roaming feral ghouls, which is where the Sole Survivor comes in and furthers their goals, and Knight Keane unfortunately falls during the assault.[8]



Recon squad Gladius appears only in Fallout 4.