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Recon Log
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Recon log is a holodisk in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka World.




Sergeant Marcks: Sergeant Marcks. Day one log. I've been ordered to scout the area around Fort Hagen to eval the location for possible take over. So far, not much left in the area. Buildings are picked over, although Red Rocket filling station has some potential. I'll check out the array tomorrow, but I'm setting up a secure spot to camp.

Sergeant Marcks. Day two log. Came across a civilian looking for help. He was already shot, so I left him to die. Not worth the bullet. Said a few Raiders dragged his family off to some place called Nuka-World, but they were heavily supplied. Not within my orders, but I'm going to check it out.

Sergeant Marcks. Day three log. I'm in some sort of fucking maze. I'm guessing that asshole I left to die intentionally led me here. Probably not even dying, so jokes on me. I've no idea how long this goes on. I've only got a few stimpaks left. All I know is they better hope I don't make it, 'cause if I do, I'm going to kill every single living soul involved in this. Especially that goddamn announcer.