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Reclining Groves Resort Homes
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Cell NameTownRuins03
zWolfDen (Warren)
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Reclining Groves Resort Homes is a resort community located north of Germantown police HQ and west-northwest from the MDPL-13 power station in the Capital Wasteland.[1]



Reclining Groves consists of seven ruined houses and a small playground on the north side of a stretch of paved road running east to west. The usual sparse loot containers for pre-War neighborhoods can be found, including several mailboxes and some lawnmowers and ovens. Two usable beds are in these ruins.

In the east, a scavenger has set up shop in a partially destroyed barn which contains a number of items that are owned by the scavenger. He has a few poor quality guns and ammunition, as well as a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual inside his locked personal footlocker (very hard). There is a key, but it's not easy to get. It is located underneath the bus directly outside of the barn, on the north end. It will need to be picked up by either dislodging it with a grenade or by using console commands (tcl) to move under the bus. The scavenger's dog keeps watch near the footlocker and will attack if it witnesses theft. Items stolen here result in negative Karma.

Nearby to the west is a military checkpoint. Move around the collapsed overpass segments and you'll see it blocking the road just past an irradiated puddle. A leveled robot can spawn as you approach. Here you'll find four ammunition boxes and two first aid boxes, three guns among the skeletons on top of the truck, and a bed in the tent.


A dirt path leads south from the barn, across the paved road and up a small hill. Where the path splits, head west to find a wooden plank door in the hillside that leads to the Warren, home to five vicious dogs. At the end of this small cave are two corpses, a mercenary and a wastelander. The mercenary will have a laser pistol (or possibly a laser rifle if your level is high enough) and ammunition. There are also two stimpaks by the skeleton on the ground just before you reach the bodies.

Notable loot

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - on top of a bookshelf in the northeastern-most ruined house.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - in the locked, owned personal footlocker (very hard) on the upper floor of the barn.
  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes - near the edge of the rocky drop-off north-northeast of the barn.
    • This can be tricky to find. Head northeast from the house where you find Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor and follow the upper edge of the ridge, keeping the barn in sight on your right. Five bloatflies should be hovering above the corpses of a wastelander and a mercenary. The book is found in a small pile beneath these bodies along with a Psycho, a Jet and a few tin cans. The bodies will vanish over time, and the bloatflies are also unreliable, so if you have previously visited the area your search may become more difficult. Telling Dogmeat to find chems can help lead you to the spot. You will still be able to see the barn to the south from the book's location. If you are still having trouble, climb to the upper floor of the barn, stand in front of the chair and face the ridge behind the burned-out bus. Looking just a hair north of northeast on the hill you will see three trees in a line, with a fourth smaller one to the left. The book is located directly under the last tree in the line. A screenshot of the exact map location can be found here.



Reclining Groves Resort Homes appears only in Fallout 3.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png There are two coffee mugs lying on the floor in the barn that are marked as owned. Attempting to steal these mugs causes the game to crash.



  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.322: "Rural homes slowly waste away in the breeze. In the northwest house is a First Aid Box on a table. Move east to the shack garage and attached ruin, and grab the Bottle Caps on a table here. The house in the northeast, near the Irradiated Silo and Barn [Location 2.J], has a mattress to sleep on and a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor. The ruin to the south has a half-buried mattress. Check mailboxes for common items. Before you leave, investigate the Warren [2.L] and Crashed Anomaly [2.G]."