Recently built shack

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Recently built shack
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Grayditch, local: )
Part ofGrayditch
OwnersWeston Lesko
Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit
Cell NameGrayditchDoctorLeskosLab
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The recently built shack is a location in Grayditch. It is the house of Doctor Lesko.


It is a small shack containing a computer terminal and empty protectron pod, scientific apparatus, and a few metal boxes. Accessing the terminal will provide some background information to Lesko's experiments and a map-marker.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • If you did not loot items before the completion of Those! side quest, the ownership will revert to Doctor Lesko and anything you loot afterwards will be considered theft.
  • Dr. Lesko's password recording is Formicidae, which is the familial classification of ants.
  • There is a protectron pod, but no protectron. This pod most likely belongs to the protectron that resides in the ant queens lair.
  • Going into Lesko's shack is considered trespassing, therefore, if you stay too long, Lesko will flee.


The recently built shack appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png It is possible to become trapped in this shack, unable to move.