Rebecca Lineholm's dialogue

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Rebecca Lineholm's dialogue
Game Information
NPCRebecca Lineholm
WriterMatt MacLean[1]
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Dialogue file table
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. So long. vDialogueR_GOODBYE_0014F391_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic004 Sgt. Reyes sent me - she's curious about the high casualties at this station. {confused}"High casualties?" We've had one broken ankle, but nobody at this post has died. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0012B876_1
Topic vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaLineholmTopic001 So, you're a Ranger? For about ten years now. Toughest training I've ever done, and was the proudest day of my life when I got my Ranger badge. vDialogueR_vDialogueRanger_00152DF1_1
Topic vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaLineholmTopic001 So, you're a Ranger? Did you know that the first battle at Hoover Dam was won because of the Rangers? Legion had the numbers, but we had the skill. vDialogueR_vDialogueRanger_00152DF1_2
Topic vDialogueRangerStationAlphaRSAlphaLineholmTopic000 Any interesting places around here? Have you ever heard the story of the bomber that crashed into the lake before the War? Supposedly it's mostly intact, even after all that time. vDialogueR_vDialogueRanger_00152A6F_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic003 Goodbye. So long. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0014F379_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic008 What do you do here? Ranger Station Alpha used to be the frontline outpost for NCR. When we moved onto the Dam, this station has fallen into more a support role. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0014F370_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic009 How could Reyes have been wrong? There are other Ranger posts around. Reyes might have mixed up the report. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0014F38D_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic010 Let's talk about something else. Reyes got the numbers wrong - not much more to it than that. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0014F377_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic005 Reyes' information says otherwise. Any injury, illness, or death gets radioed to Ranger HQ at Camp Golf. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0011E4F6_1
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic005 Reyes' information says otherwise. Chief Hanlon and his aides compile the reports and assign reinforcements as needed, and they're not needed here. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0011E4F6_2
Topic VMSRSAlphaQuestRSRangerAlphaLineholmTopic006 Maybe you're lying to keep morale up. Do a fucking headcount, then. Everybody's right where they're supposed to be. vDialogueR_VMSRSAlphaQuest_0011E4F3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Player in NCR gear}{suspicious}You're not part of this post as far as I know. What do you want? vDialogueR_GREETING_0011E469_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Player not in NCR gear}{suspicious}This is a military outpost. Why are you here? vDialogueR_GREETING_0014F39D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Did you need something else? vDialogueR_GREETING_0012B879_1