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Raul's shack
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Rauls Shack loc.jpg
Map MarkerRaul's Shack
Cell NameSLRaulsHome (exterior)
SLRaulsHomeINT (interior)
ref id000dde8c (exterior)
00155a05 (interior)

Raul's Shack is the home of Raul Tejada and is located north-north-east of Vault 34 on the eastern outskirts of New Vegas.


The exterior of the shack consists of the house itself and a damaged car out front with several plants like banana yucca fruit, coyote tobacco chew and Nevada agave fruit. Outside, a rare malnourished brahmin calf can be found. Inside this shack there is a workbench and a bed.

Notable loot


  • When the player dismisses Raul "for the best", he will go here, instead of Black Mountain where he was first found from. When Raul is here he can repair equipment for the courier.
  • If the player has use of the Lucky 38 Casino Penthouse as a first choice, the next choice ("for the best") for dismissing will return Raul to his shack. If standing inside the shack, Raul will rematerialize and go through animations.
  • Raul has a Repair Skill of 100, and it's very expensive to fully repair items.
  • Sample prices: (Barter skill of 65)
    • Laser RCW, CND +35% = 1,515 caps.
    • Q-35 Matter Modulator, CND +13% = 754 caps.
    • That Gun, CND +41% = 1,427 caps.
    • NCR Ranger Patrol Armor, CND +85%, DT +6 = 663 caps.
    • NCR Salvaged Power Armor, CND +85%, DT +7 = 5,100 caps.
    • NCR Ranger Combat Armor, CND +86%, DT +8 = 12,873 caps.
    • Sierra Madre Helmet Reinforced, +100%, DT +3 = 1,700 caps.
    • Sierra Madre Armor Reinforced, +99%, DT +9 = 1,979 caps.


Raul's shack appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png PCIcon pc.png It is possible to glitch the Courier while standing on top of the table against the north-east wall. If the Courier stands on top of it, he/she will become stuck between it and the roof, unable to move. The only remedy is to reload from the last save.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Rarely, after entering Raul's shack, after downloading the Dead Money add on the whole shack may turn into a large void. Restarting the console may fix this.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes, after entering and leaving Raul's shack, outside there will be three Mini-Boomers. The little girl will say that she is La Fantoma, then your only speech option is "goodbye."
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes, taking the dirty water, antivenom, doctor's bag, stimpak, or the fruit near the Sunset Sarsaparilla crate will cause the crate to shake and move from its original spot.