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Ranger station Echo
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Map MarkerRanger Station Echo
FactionsNew California Republic
New California Republic Rangers
QuestsReturn to Sender
Cell NameRSEcho
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The Ranger station Echo is a New California Republic Rangers outpost in Fallout: New Vegas. It is located due north of Cottonwood Cove and monitors the activity at the location.


Arguably the most remote of the NCR Ranger stations,[1] ranger station Echo's purpose is to survey Legion troop movements.[2][3] Although it routinely gets into skirmishes with Legionaries,[4] it was given specific orders to never attack their origin on the western side of the Colorado, Cottonwood Cove, as the brass does not want to waste resources going after a "minor target."[5]

Despite their best efforts, they are undermanned for their secondary objective of intercepting the raiding parties.[6][2][7] Whom themselves are ordered not to press their tactical advantage by Caesar himself,[8] not that the NCR are aware of this[4] for both sides are itching to battle. The Legion blaming the lack of combat on the cowardice of the NCR, while the NCR is just begrudgingly following their orders.[9][10]

Moreso the NCR and Legion both know that they are watching each-other, waiting for the other to make their move. Both sides know that any attack small enough to launch a surprise attack will not make it back in one piece, while any substantial force attempting an attack would result in the other side falling back to wait for reinforcements.[11] This constant state of stalemate, scouting, and skirmishing is constantly chipping away at the Rangers' morale, as they are unable to interfere with Legion raids and slave trafficking.[12] The only real activity at this station are updates to radio security codes that Sergeant Reyes sent them.[13]


A remote station monitoring the western bank of the Colorado between Cottonwood Cove and Camp Forlorn Hope (and the Cove itself since the Legion set up shop there), Echo's Rangers are the most remote permanent position held by the Republic in the Mojave Wasteland. Its remoteness makes it difficult to reach, requiring climbing up the steep slopes of the surrounding cliffs or weaving through the badlands after going off Highway 95 east from the Snyder prospector camp.

The station itself is little more than an old toll booth surrounded by improvised fortifications from junk and a few tents. The Rangers here are a mix of human and ghoul plainclothes and patrol operators, keeping tabs on the Legion moving across the mesa to the east and in Cottonwood Cove. Outside the perimeter are several small craters filled with irradiated water and other goo.

Private Kyle Edwards can be found at the station after telling him to go there during We Will All Go Together.


Related quests

  • Return to Sender, the station is one of the locations the player needs to visit.


  • Wiping out Cottonwood Cove does not update the Rangers' dialogue, due to a design oversight.


Ranger station Echo appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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