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Ranger station Charlie
FNV RS Charlie.png
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Ranger Station Charlie loc.jpg
Map MarkerRanger Station Charlie
FactionsNew California Republic (initially, changes to Caesar's Legion during Andy and Charlie)
LeadersRanger Beaumont
QuestsReturn to Sender
Andy and Charlie
Cell NameRSCharlie (exterior)
RSCharlieInterior (interior, before Legion attack)
RSCharlieNVDESTROYED (interior, after attack)
ref id00084414 (exterior)
0011324f (interior, before Legion attack)
000841c8 (interior, after Legion attack)

Ranger station Charlie is a location in Fallout: New Vegas. This Ranger station has been charged with maintaining order on the road to Novac. The communications officer at this outpost is Ranger Stepinac.


The pre-War Shady Pines Trailer Park has been converted by the New California Republic Rangers into a stronghold. As a Ranger station, it provides the Rangers with a safehouse and establishes a semblance of territorial control for the south-eastern sector of the Mojave, especially important after the fall of Camp Searchlight. The trailers have been piled up to create a makeshift fortress, with the communications center and barracks set up in the old trailer park office building.[1]


The station is indeed a fortress, with a brick and metal wall surrounding the parking area and trailers piled along the edges to set up fields of fire, cover, and act as expanded barracks whenever the Rangers need more space than the old trailer park office can provide. The beds in the trailers can be used freely, and the shelves contain minor loot and crafting ingredients. An NCR Ranger keeps watch on the trailers during the day and sleep in the trailer during the night. Ranger and legion patrols may also spawn in the area and clash in combat.


Inside the office building is comm officer Stepinac, who keeps watch during Ranger Beaumont's absence. His workstation is in the main room, along with medical supplies misplaced by the quartermastery. The adjacent rooms contain the primary barracks and bathroom. There's a safe underneath the rightmost bunk bed, containing ammunition and medicine behind an Average lock.

Once the station is hit by the Legion once the player accepts Ranger Andy's request to check up on it or Render Unto Caesar starts, the outside barely changes. However, the interior takes a turn for the grisly, as Ranger Beaumont's unit was shadowed by a Legion assault team that killed all but a single NCR Ranger, who was taken hostage. The inside will be littered with bodies (four NCR troops and a patrol Ranger) and junk, together with minor loot. More importantly, it will be heavily booby-trapped. The dead soldiers in the office room will be trapped with a frag mine underneath them, while the quarters will contain a rigged shotgun pointed at two fire extinguisher, together with a bottlecap mine, which is rigged to blow should the tripwire across the entrance be triggered. The tapes explaining what happened will be located on the metal boxes across from the entrance and on top of the desk, and they can be brought back to Andy for 200 caps and NCR fame.

All items are marked as owned prior to the attack. However, once the attack happens, the Legion takes the first aid boxes when they leave.


  • Comm Officer Stepinac: In the office building.

Notable loot



Ranger station Charlie appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.412-413: "[5.23] Ranger Station Charlie
    Perhaps the most defendable station, this is certainly the least remote. The cluster of buildings around a ranch house have mattresses you're welcome to sleep on (Infamy permitting), as well as stand on the roof of, if you're sniping. There's some Sunglasses up here, too. Inside Comm Officer Stepinac isn't very friendly, but you can ask him about their interact with Camp McCarran [2.19], the purpose of the station (to keep the road to Novac "civilized"), and the NCR Rangers, including the one in charge; Ranger Beaumont, who is off on patrol, and isn't available. There's little in here to steal, but there's more places to seep."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)
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