Randy's Holotape

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Randy's Holotape
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Randy's Holotape is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Hey, Ella. Randy here. I'm pretty sure I'm done for on account of my leg being blown off.

I wanted you to know you were right. We tracked them ghouls to Haven, and Christ All Mighty, they were talkin' and hollerin' sure as you an' me.

I mean, we all heard them stories 'bout talking ghouls. I just never thought I'd bare a-witness to 'em.

And I ain't the only one. Kendyll knew it, sure as I did. But Duncan wouldn't let up. He didn't care they were beggin' to be left alone.

But I did. If them creatures still got the mind God gave 'me, then who are we to take that way?

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