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Randolph Safehouse (1-6)
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Quest data
LocationRailroad HQ
Given ByDrummer Boy
RewardBottlecaps (100-200 per completion)
Chance of a random item (for completing Randolph Safehouse 2)
Institute Killer Weave (For completing Randolph Safehouse 6)
Editor IDRRR06
Base ID001845f7
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leads to:

Randolph Safehouse is a series of quests for the Railroad in Fallout 4.


Since the Switchboard was compromised, Randolph safehouse went dark. Recently a dead drop they used to use went active, fearing that the safehouse has become a trap by the Institute the Railroad put it under quarantine. Now the Railroad needs a heavy to investigate, while investigating the heavy will have to clear out enemies (Synths, except at Vault 95 whom are Gunners and Hyde Park whom are raiders) stalking the area. Once completed this still active safehouse will require a heavy to clear the route for their packages to escape the Commonwealth. Upon completion the safehouse will be decommissioned.


  1. Upon arrival at Railroad HQ, Drummer Boy will randomly approach the player (now a heavy for dealing with an Institute Courser), and will state that another member of The Railroad has requested for a heavy to deal with hostiles at an unknown location, in order to secure that route for future synth transportation.
  2. The player will be given a random dead drop location. Simply travel there and collect the mailbox contents: A sequence of six Randolph Station updates (one per station).
  3. Head to the designated location and wipe out Institute synths and their leader to protect the safehouse (or raiders/Gunners/whatever else threatens the station).
  4. Upon dealing with the synths and their leader, the Sole Survivor must report back to Desdemona back at Railroad HQ.

Quest stages

Pick up the dead drop Randolph Safehouse has been dark since Switchboard fell. Drummer Boy says the safehouse has left a message at a dead drop. I've been tapped to intercept it.
Clear hostiles at <Location> Randolph Safehouse is in trouble an needs me to clear out some hostiles for them. The life of a heavy is never dull.
Report back to Desdemona Randolph Safehouse is under quarantine until PAM can verify this isn't an Institute trap. Until then, I'm to check in regularly with Drummer Boy to assist them further.


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