Ralph Keller

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Mentioned-only character
Ralph Keller
Biography and appearance
AffiliationKeller Family
FamilyKeller Senior (father)
Alex Keller (brother)
Candace Keller (sister)
Tina Keller (sister)
Dialogue FileRalph Keller's dialogue
Mentioned inFallout 3
QuestsKeller Family Refuge

Tell dad there's no way in hell I'm spending nuclear Armageddon trapped with him in a fucking closet.

— Ralph Keller

Ralph Keller was a part of the Keller Family in 2077.


Ralph was one of four Keller family members given part of the passcode by his brother Alex. However, his apparent dislike of his father rather soured him on the thought of "spending nuclear Armageddon trapped with him in a fucking closet". As a result, he elected instead to deliberately walk into a mushroom cloud and commit suicide. Before he did so, he contacted his sister Candace and provided her with his part of the passcode, before wishing her a "happy holocaust."[1]


Ralph Keller is mentioned only in Fallout 3