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Map MarkerRaiders
LeadersGarl Death-Hand
QuestsFree the Slaves
Join the Khans
Rescue Tandi from the Raiders.
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Raiders is the main base of the Khans in 2161. These desert raiders of South California can be found six squares east and two squares south of Vault 13.


In 2161, the Khans had occupied an open house to the southeast of Shady Sands. After the Khans raided Shady Sands, kidnapping Tandi in the process, her father Aradesh hired the Vault Dweller to rescue her. When the Vault Dweller arrived in these nomad's camp, he slaughtered all but Darion. Freeing Tandi and the Khans prisoners. Darion (unseen in-game), would later become the founder of the mercenary raider New Khans.


The Khans base is centered around the main building. There are entrances to the main building at both the front and the rear. The building consists of two main rooms to the front, cells to the west side and a few smaller rooms at the rear.

The main building is surrounded by four small yurts, where the raiders sleep, and an outhouse behind the building.



Notable loot


The Khans' base appears only in Fallout.



  1. Fallout Official Survival Guide p.72: "The Desert Raider Camp
    The raiders' camp is a collection of tents and yurts surrounding a single large building. A number of desert raiders, both male and female, are gathered here. Their leader, Garl Deathhand, can be found inside the main building."
  2. Fallout Official Survival Guide p.205: "Desert Raider Camp
    Description: A camp in the desert not far from Shady Sands inhabited by a nomad warrior clan known as the Khans. They are led by a warrior chief named Garl. The Khans are a constant nuisance to nearby towns like Shady Sands. While the player does not need to investigate the camp, it does offer a chance of learning something about the surrounding area and provides the player with a good source of enemies to overcome ... and the resultant loot and Experience Points. The subplot involving the kidnapping of Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, is resolved here and can also gain the player points and an enhanced reputation. Use caution, however. The nomads are easily angered, and it's not wise to challenge them on their home turf without careful preparation."