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For an overview of raider armor in all games, see raider armor.
Raider Paingiver Armor
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DR18Item HP100
EffectsUnarmed +4
Raider paingiver armor, raider armor, raider commando armor, raider iconoclast armor, raider ordinance armor, raider throwdown armor
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The raider paingiver armor is a piece of armor in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


Raider paingiver armor is a variant of the raider armor. It provides a damage resistance of 18, while only weighing 5 pounds, being the lightest raider armor in the game. It also provides a bonus of 4 to Unarmed. It is the most bare-bones raider armor permutation, consisting solely of a set of leather pants. The armor version for females is a belly shirt tank top with the same pants.

It can be repaired using all raider armors found in The Pitt, as well as raider armors from the Capital Wasteland.