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For an overview of raider armor in all games, see raider armor.
Raider Iconoclast Armor
Raider Iconoclast Armor.png
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DR18Item HP150
EffectsRadiation Resistance +5
Raider iconoclast armor, raider armor, raider commando armor, raider ordinance armor, raider paingiver armor, raider throwdown armor
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The raider iconoclast armor is a piece of armor in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


Raider iconoclast armor is a variant of the raider armor. Its appearance is that of a worn-out radiation suit or mining suit, armored with several patches and a shoulder strap. It also has a hammer and two picks on the left leg. It provides a damage resistance of 18 and increases radiation resistance by 5.


Behind the scenes

  • An iconoclast is a person who is devoted to the destruction of religious symbols, or, by extension, established dogma or conventions. This term would fit well with the sadistic way raiders deface monuments with corpses and gore.
  • The armor appeared in promotional images for The Pitt prior to release along with an auto axe and a supervisor helmet.
  • The left arm of the iconoclast armor is reused for Ashur's power armor and the Tribal power armor.