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Raider highway
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The raider highway is a raider fortress on top of a highway just north of Vault 101.


A full scale raider encampment, at least 10 of them reside in this area. The raiders here will respawn every 72 hours in in-game time. This area is very close to Vault 101, and therefore is a very bad place for low-level players to wander. Two of the raider's have very good weapons compared to the others, one of them has a sniper rifle and the other carries a flamer. There is a also a drainage sewer system that can be entered that's full of ghouls of different variety depending on level

Notable loot

  • There are no items of interest on the raider highway but the ten raiders all carry a fair amount of equipment that can be looted after they're killed.
  • Due to the amount of heavy weapons on the raiders this place would be inadvisable for low level players to travel to.


The raider highway appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Halfway on the highway you can get stuck in between a plank of wood.
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