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For an overview of raider armor throughout the Fallout series, see Raider armor.
Raider armor
Raider Armor set.png
Icon raider blastmaster armor.png
Raider armor
DR16Item HP100
Raider armor
VariantsBombshell armor
Leather Rebel
Metal master armor
Raider iconoclast armor
Raider commando armor
Raider throwdown armor
Raider ordinance armor
Raider paingiver armor
base id0003307d (Badlands)
0003307e (Blastmaster)
0002042f (Painspike)
0003307c (Sadist)
Cut content:
000cb5fe (Hand-Me-Down)
000cb5ff (Highway Scar)
000cb5fc (Sharp-Dressed)
Raider helmet
DR3Item HP15
EffectsBlast-Proof Headgear:
Big Guns +5
Explosives +5
Note: Only applies to the Blastmaster helmet. Other helmets do not provide any kind of bonus
Raider arclight helmet
Raider blastmaster helmet
Raider psycho-tic helmet
Raider wastehound helmet
VariantsBoogeyman's hood
Torcher's mask
base id00078644 (Arclight)
0005b6e8 (blastmaster)
00020432 (psycho-tic)
00078645 (wastehound)
cut content:
000cb5fd (devil's pigtails)
000cb600 (pyro helmet)

Raider armors are various pieces of armor in Fallout 3.


Raider armor types of armor worn by raiders, which consists of scraps of clothing fabricated both before and after the Great War, armoured with scavenged pieces of metal and pre-War items.

Each variant of raider armor in Fallout 3 can be repaired using any of the other raider armors. The helmets can only be repaired with other copies of the same model; they cannot be used to repair each other.


Raider badlands armor

Icon raider badlands armor.png

Badlands armor consists of a bandolier worn on top of a stripped-down pair of overalls and various bits of leather and metal arranged to protect the joints. It is worn together with mismatched makeshift boots, a philips-head screwdriver strapped to the left ankle and, of course, the raider wastehound helmet.

Raider blastmaster armor

Icon raider blastmaster armor.png

Blastmaster armor was constructed with protecting the user from explosions. It uses elements of quilted material to shield thighs and the torso by distributing the explosive force over a greater area and boots reinforced with metal to protect the legs. The arms are covered by makeshift protectors, crafted out of pieces of metal fixed to a tight sleeve scavenged from another source and an arclight helmet stitched to a band. This outfit is worn with a raider blastmaster helmet

Raider painspike armor

Icon raider painspike armor.png

This suit of armor has been cobbled together from salvaged car parts and elements of vintage football gear. The spiked plates protecting the shoulder and thighs are in reality automobile floor mats, with rusty nails and wood screws driven through them to deter attackers. Limbs are protected by fragments of corrugated aluminium held together by nylon seatbelts, while the torso is barely covered by a salvaged metal grill. This rather random assortment of defensive elements is completed by a football groin protector and two carpet installation kneepads. The suit is typically worn with a raider psycho-tic helmet.

Raider sadist armor

Icon raider sadist armor.png

The sadist armor consists of a corselet or bodice of stiff brown leather and studded trousers, with long leather gloves covering the arms, ending slightly below the shoulder. An armoured pad is worn on the left shoulder, while the other is bare. Raider sadists usually carry two severed human hands as trophies, hanging them down from the belt.


Raider arclight helmet

Icon raider arclight helmet.png

The raider arclight helmet resembles a welding mask. Interestingly, this item does flatten the character's hair as if they were wearing a normal helmet with the exception of the back.

Raider blastmaster helmet

Icon raider blastmaster helmet.png

Blastmaster helmets are pre-War firefighter helmets, worn together with a flame retardant hood and a hazardous environment filtration mask. The blastmaster helmet confers a small (+5) bonus to the big guns and explosives skills.

Raider psycho-tic helmet

Icon aviator cap.png

The raider psycho-tic helmet is made out of a vintage football helmet with aviator goggles over the helmet to protect the eyes and twists of hair jutting out of the top sides of the helmet.

Raider wastehound helmet

Icon raider wastehound helmet.png

Wastehound "helmet" is sown from two pieces of heavy burlap crudely stitched together around a pair of desert goggles. Raiders typically pull strands of their hair out through openings in the burlap to create a more menacing appearance. Males typically create three tufts (two on the sides, one on top), while females create a makeshift mohawk by pulling hair out through the stitching.



Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Hand-me-down raider armor (visually identical with raider sadist armor)
  • Highway scar armor (visually identical with raider blastmaster armor)
  • Sharp-dressed raider's armor (visually identical with raider painspike armor)
Icon cut content.pngEnd of information based on Fallout 3 cut content.


Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • The Devil's pigtails (identical with raider psycho-tic helmet)
  • Pyro helmet (identical with raider blastmaster helmet save for the missing bonuses)
Icon cut content.pngEnd of information based on Fallout 3 cut content.

Behind the scenes

The designs of the various raider armors are influenced by the Mad Max movies.


There appears to be a glitch involving the raider wastehound helmet. When wearing one, attempting to put on another with different durability will cause your head to disappear.