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A radstorm in Summersville lake

Radstorms are natural weather phenomena that occur throughout the Commonwealth and in Appalachia.


Radstorms result in yellow overcast skies, high-speed winds, lightning and radioactive wind from latent radiation of local areas. Fortunately, the storms don't last long, typically around one hour. Over the course of the storm, lightning periodically strikes and causes a brief spike of radiation in the area, peaking around 5 rads per second for about one second before steadily decreasing over the next several seconds. Immediate shelter within closed buildings should be sought during radstorms to provide protection and reduce the amount of accumulated radiation.

In the Commonwealth, radstorms are far more common than any other area. This is thanks to the close vicinity of the Glowing Sea. Often and inconveniently, atmospheric pressure systems of the area sweep that radioactive material of the glowing sea and throw into in the metro area of Boston.[1]


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "The Commonwealth is occasionally plagued by radiation storms that blow in from the Glowing Sea, far to the southwest."