Radscorpion cave (Fallout)

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Radscorpion cave
Radscorpion Cave.png
Map MarkerNone
QuestsStop the Radscorpions.

The Radscorpion Cave is a location in Fallout, only reachable by talking to Seth, from Shady Sands.


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Notable loot

Related quests

  • Stop the Radscorpions. - Nine radscorpions are located here and need to be killed for the quest in Shady Sands. If the Vault Dweller has a high enough Perception, an explosive can be placed near the entrance of the cave to make it implode. This can be done whether the radscorpions in the cave have been killed or not, netting extra experience if you choose to do both.


Radscorpion cave appears in Fallout.