Radio Log: Aug 29 2077

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Radio Log: Aug 29 2077
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Radio Log: Aug 29 2077 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Grant: Trying band.. uhhh... AH-13. *sigh* Lieutenant! I got something!

Taggerdy: I can't make anything out.

Grant: Sorry. Working on it.

Roger Maxson: ... Maxson to Appalachia. I repeated, this is Captain Roger Maxson.

Taggerdy: Give that to me.

Roger Maxson: Seeking any-

Taggerdy: Lieutenant Taggerdy here. Captain? It's you?

Roger Maxson: Lizzy? Damn, it's good to hear a friendly voice.

Taggerdy: Captain. I heard... I heard you're a traitor.

Roger Maxson: Traitor? If disobeying unconscionable orders makes you a traitor, then I suppose I am. Lizzy, I'm glad you're alive but I need to find someone in Appalachia. Someone dependable.

Taggerdy: That's where I am. The Thunder was running war games against some jarheads.

Roger Maxson: They still in one piece? By god, Lizzy. This... This is good news.

Taggerdy: Roger, you're a traitor. I could be court-martialed even talking to you.

Roger Maxson: Look around, Lizzy. The Army's gone. America's fallen. I know you have questions, but we need to talk. There are things I learned at Mariposa. I got a scientist with me... Doctor Takano. We'll set up a secure channel. I'll answer all your questions, then.

Taggerdy: Captain... We'll monitor this band. Taggerdy out.

Roger Maxson: Lizzy, you know me. We need to talk.

Behind the scenes

  • There is a small error in naming: The name of the holotape should be Oct 2077 or Nov 2077, not Aug 2077.
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