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For the RadAway that appears in the Fallout series, see RadAway.
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-50 Radiation
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All you'd need is a little RadAway and poof, the isotope is gone.

Sierra Petrovita, Fallout 3

RadAway is a consumable item in Fallout 3.


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One of the marvels of pre-War medical science, RadAway is a biomedical solution designed to bond with radioactive particles and remove them from the user's system.[1] It effectively purges the body of radiation, but has nasty side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, stomach pains, and headaches.[2][3][4] It has to be applied intravenously to work, making it a scary prospect for those afraid of needles.[5][6]


RadAway looks similar to a blood pack, except with a short tube and a distinctive orange color. There is also a readable label marked "RAD AWAY" written on it, further distinguishing it from a blood pack. RadAway also has a slight glow, making it easier to find in the dark, and indoors (although not as strong a glow as a Nuka-Cola Quantum).

The effectiveness of RadAway is dependent on the medicine skill, meaning that the higher the player's medicine skill, the more Rads are removed. At a Medicine of 100, a dose of RadAway will scrub away 150 rads of radiation. Additionally in Fallout 3, RadAway is no longer addictive when consumed, unlike previous games.

Effects of Medicine skill

10-60 Radiation60-110 Radiation
20-70 Radiation70-120 Radiation
30-80 Radiation80-130 Radiation
40-90 Radiation90-140 Radiation
50-100 Radiation100-150 Radiation



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