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For RadAway that appears in the Fallout series of games, see RadAway.
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-50 Radiation
-25 Radiation (jsawyer.esp) or
-5 Radiation per second for 10s
-5 Radiation per second for 5s (jsawyer.esp)
QuestsHigh Times
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RadAway is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


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One of the marvels of pre-War medical science, RadAway is a biomedical solution designed to bond with radioactive particles and remove them from the user's system.[1] It effectively purges the body of radiation, but has nasty side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, stomach pains, and headaches.[2][3][4] It has to be applied intravenously to work, making it a scary prospect for those afraid of needles.[5][6]

This item looks similar to a blood pack, except with a short tube and a distinctive orange color. The effectiveness of RadAway is dependent on the medicine skill, meaning that the higher the player's medicine skill, the more Rads are removed.

Effects of Medicine skill

10-60 Radiation60-110 Radiation
20-70 Radiation70-120 Radiation
30-80 Radiation80-130 Radiation
40-90 Radiation90-140 Radiation
50-100 Radiation100-150 Radiation


  • Several can be found at the REPCONN Test Site, upstairs on a shelf near to the Bright Brotherhood members (Taking these will decrease your Karma rating).
  • Ranger station Echo contains 3 RadAway inside a tent on a table and 1 RadAway in a first aid box next to those 3
  • Techatticup mine contains 1 RadAway inside an Average locked fence in the southern most end of the map, inside one of the sacks.
  • The Prospector's Den contains 1 RadAway on the corpse of a Prospector beside a bloody picnic table.
  • Broc flower cave contains 2 RadAway on the desk left from the terminal.
  • Vault 34 has a small stockpile of RadAway and Rad-X in a safe in the clinic. This is very useful as Vault 34 is flooded with light radiation.
  • RadAway is available for purchase at most drug stores in the game and many merchants carry it [examples] Doc Mitchell's in Goodsprings- Mick & Ralph's etc. Dr. Kemp in Camp McCarran stocks 8.
  • Behind an average locked door in the Vault 3 recreation area there is a stock pile of many medical supplies including 3 RadAway.
  • Camp Searchlight contains 8 RadAways: 1 on a shelf left of the terminal in the NCR storage Room 2 on a shelf within the first room of the firehouse. 3 in a duffle bag next to a bed located on the second floor of the firehouse. 2 in the broken lockers within the bathroom of the firehouse second floor. (note) you can only access the fire house if you have activate the quest Wheel of Fortune.
  • After completing the quest High Times for the followers, you can speak to Julie Farkas and you may choose to get a stimpak, RadAway or a Fixer. You can get one item from her per day.
  • Senior scribe Linda Schuler in the Hidden Valley bunker has several RadAways. She will also purge the players radiation for 100 caps.
  • Vault 34 has 14 RadAway and Rad-X in safe. Note that the safe requires a lockpick skill of 50 or higher to open.
  • Alexander, the arms supplier underneath the bridge near the 188 trading post, stocks up to 25 Rad-X and 25 RadAway at a time.
  • An effectively unlimited supply of RadAway can be obtained from Sierra Madre vending machines, provided the player has a sufficient amount of chips.
    • After the completion of Dead Money, the vending machine in the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker can be used whenever the player desires so long as the player has Sierra Madre chips, a supply of which is available from a wall safe in the bunker.

Related quests

  • High Times - RadAway is needed to help Bill Ronte kick his addiction, the character will need a Speech level of 50 or a Science skill of 50 and 2 Fixer and 1 whiskey. If the character's Speech and Science levels are too low, then RadAway (1) will been needed as well as the 2 Fixer and 1 whiskey.


  • In Fallout: New Vegas, RadAway is much less common as most shops only have 1 to 3 in stock if any at all, though it is often stocked by doctors.
  • RadAway heals radiation over time in hardcore mode, instead of instantly in normal mode.
  • RadAway glows even brighter than in Fallout 3, making it easy to locate.
  • After taking 20 doses of Rad-Away, you will be granted the Free Radical perk, that enhances the effectiveness of RadAway.


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