Quit Raidin' My Heart

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Quit Raidin' My Heart
GenreFolk song
Authors and performers
RadioNuka-World Radio

Quit Raidin' My Heart is a song composed by RedEye, performed by him live on Nuka-World Radio.


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First time i ever seen you

was down at the beach by Revere

through a thick black haze of fire and smoke

things suddenly seemed so clear

I knew I had to have you

make you mine at any cost

I gave up on my old crew

never worried ‘bout what I lost

I gave you gold I gave you caps

gave you all I stole and more

Never counted on you stealin’ from me

 and running out the door 


Baby, quit raidin’ my heart

You took all I had and left me

I can’t stand being apart

This aint no way to try and test me 


I know you remember all the fun we had

playin’ the odds at Easy City

And when we roasted that caravan down in the Fens

I was so happy to have you with me

But after a while I couldn’t keep denying

what I daily witnessed

The caps, the guns, the blood soaked ground,well

I just couldn’t hold your interest

Now I don’t buy what they tell me

that you can’t ever be satisfied

I'd kill every last man in the whole wide world

just to have you by my side 


Baby, quit raidin’ my heart

Bring back the love you stole

I can’t stand being apart

I need you here to make me whole