Quinlan to be deleted

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Quinlan To Be Deleted
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Quinlan to be deleted is a holotape in Fallout 4.




Proctor Quinlan: Damn it scribe, I told you I didn't want the corners bent. The issues were to be in mint condition!

Scribe Naceri: I'm sorry, Proctor, but this is the only limited edition annual we've recovered. Even before the bombs fell, this was the rarest issue... the one where Grognak dies and comes back to life.

Proctor Quinlan: Yes, scribe... I've read the 2076 Underlane Price Guide from cover to cover, so I'm well aware of it's past value. The fault for this travesty rests squarely on your shoulders because you chose to ignore the important lesson I taught you. Which is...?

Scribe Naceri: Always bag and board. I'm sorry, sir. You're absolutely right, and I promise it will never... Um, sir? What's that red blinking light on your terminal?

Proctor Quinlan: What? Oh, damn it all... I left it in record mode. Just let me...