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Quantum X-01 power armor
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The Quantum X-01 power armor is a unique set of power armor in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Thanks to The Nuka Cola Corporation's strong ties to the U.S. military, it managed to receive a suit of X-01 power armor MK V for use in Project Cobalt. The armor was plated with a material made from Nuka Cola's experimental strontium-90. In addition to giving it a brilliant blue hue, the isotope enhanced the power armor by providing the wearer with more energy than normal.[1] While this served as a good proof of concept for the isotope's use in power armor production, it was not the main goal of Project Cobalt. The armor was stored inside an armored glass display, within the Starport Nuka attraction of the Nuka-World Amusement Park. It was planned for the armor to be used to help market Nuka Cola's new Nuka Cola Quantum soft drink, but the Great War occurred soon after, abruptly ending any further research or development of the armor, leaving this as the only example of this X-01 variant. The Quantum X-01 remained untouched for over 200 years, even after raiders took over the ancient amusement park, thanks to the armored glass storing it.


Quantum X-01 power armor provides superior protection compared to standard X-01 power armor; while it grants the same amount of radiation protection, it grants over 35% more ballistic protection and more than 50% more energy protection. However, the most notable aspect of this suit of power armor is that the rate at which action points replenish is increased when all pieces of this armor are equipped at the same time. Regardless of the player's level, the Quantum X-01 always spawns with all pieces upgraded to Mk V. Unlike most other sets of power armor, the Quantum X-01's paintjob cannot be changed.[2]

Individual components

Type Piece Protection Hit points Weight Value
Ballistic damage Energy damage Radiation
Quantum X-01 Power Armor Helmet 300 220 150 200 14.3 168
Torso 400 290 300 800 24 336
Arm 250 190 150 200 18 240
Leg 250 190 150 200 18 240



  • The Quantum X-01 power armor is found inside the display case in the center of Starport Nuka; all 35 star cores must be collected in order to access the Star Control mainframe terminal.


  • This is the only full set of X-01 (variant or otherwise) guaranteed to spawn, regardless of the player's level.


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