Punga seeds

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For an overview of punga fruits, see Punga fruit.
Punga seeds
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QuestsWalking with Spirits
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Punga seeds are a quest item in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


A seed pod of the Mother Punga plant, the seeds have extreme hallucinogenic effects, resulting in vivid experiences that may or may not be real. The actual seeds are small and white, contained in black pods. Coupled with the pollen released by Mother Punga when they are removed, they are a fairly effective method of spreading the plants.

The hallucinogens contained within the plant made it an integral element of the rituals of Point Lookout tribals.


  • Sacred Bog: Activate the Mother Punga plant to retrieve them, triggering the Walking with Spirits acid trip. The seeds cannot be dropped and are assigned a temporary model belonging to yeast.