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Pull the Plug
Quest data
LocationThicket Excavations
Given BySully Mathis
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Base ID001073ce

Pull the Plug is a side quest that can be obtained in Fallout 4.


As the Sole Survivor continues their trek across the Commonwealth wastes, they stumble across a flooded ruins, infested with mirelurks. A strange man is seen near a derelict pump, and is in need of help.


  1. This quest is initiated by speaking with Sully at the Thicket Excavations - Sully will mention that the ruins have been flooded, and that he has a plan on draining the entire area to access the lower levels.
  2. The Sole Survivor will then need to turn three separate valves underwater in order to kickstart the pipes’ draining process. Bubbles coming up from the water denote where the leaks are.
  3. After this has been accomplished, Sully will give the Sole Survivor the option to flip the switch and begin draining the ruins. This process will take some time, and will require for the Sole Survivor to come back at a later time (days).
  4. After returning, it is discovered that Sully is part of a raider gang, and they have taken up residence within the ruins, and will be hostile towards the Sole Survivor (including Sully, who can be found at the very bottom of the ruins, near the mirelurk pens). They can be dealt with optionally, and once Sully has been found, it is seen that he has gone insane, having stripped himself down to nothing but his underpants, mumbling incoherently at the Sole Survivor while attacking them.

Quest stages

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