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Puesta del Sol switching station
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Map MarkerPuesta del Sol Switching Station
Part ofPuesta del Sol
QuestsMixed Signals
Cell NameNVDLC01Gala02
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TerminalsPuesta del Sol switching station terminals
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The Puesta del Sol switching station is a location in Sierra Madre's Puesta del Sol in 2281.


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The entrance to the station has a large gathering of the Cloud in front of it so you will have to rush through. The door to the building is through the Cloud and to the left. Inside the building, the first room is filled with connection boards and terminals. An electric box is found on the western wall; three fuses are needed to restore the power (alternatively, one can jury rig it with a 60 Repair).

Into the hallway, there is a speaker hidden behind wires and girders, but graffiti clearly points it out. Another speaker is down the hall and down the stairs above a connection board. Again, it is pointed out by graffiti. This hallway leads into an expansive two-story basement which is plagued with a couple of protected speakers and the Cloud below. By going down the stairs, one can cross through the Cloud and go back upstairs. From here, on the west wall, there is an overlook with a terminal that shuts off the speakers. There is an unfortunate headless wastelander lying dead in front of the terminal.

To the east along the catwalks, there is an automated door on the north wall. Through it is another control room connecting to what looks like an employee break room. In the break room are several lockers containing samples of the toxic Cloud, a note about them and the remote maintenance terminal password. An automatic rifle leans against the lockers. The doorway leading out opens into another two-story basement. There are more catwalks facilitating movement throughout the room, but a turret off-centered in the room and a speaker on the north wall hinder it. A massive pipe on the ground, along with a staircase allows one to get back up to the catwalks. A Hard-locked door near the turret opens to a Very-Easy locked terminal which shuts the speaker off. On the south side of the room, Ennis's key is on a desk and further on is the remote maintenance terminal. The elevator behind the desk leads up into a room with a massive hole in the wall in the center of Puesta del Sol north.

Notable loot

  • A Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual in the eastern most room of the switching station there is a huge machine on the south side of the room. The book is located on the catwalk that runs around the machine. It is the only portion of catwalk in this room that you have to jump to.
  • A Dean's Electronics can be found on the ground next to the corpse at the computer terminal that controls the speakers in the southernmost portion of the map. There is a tripwire trap just in front of the corpse.
  • A Programmer's Digest may be found on a console to your right before descending the stairs.
  • A Fixin' Things may be found on top of a red-lit computer bank in the south-east corner of the very first room
  • In the basement there are a number of individual bottle caps that can be safely gathered after activating the ventilation system.
  • A Milsurp Review can be found in the trash can next to the computer terminal in the first room marked "Utility" near the northern section of the map.
  • An automatic rifle along with 48 armor piercing .308 rounds can be found leaning against the lockers in the utility room with the Ventilation Control System.
  • A ¡La Fantoma! can be found above the locker next to Ennis's locker, under a coffee mug, in the room with the Ventilation Control System terminal.
  • A Tæles of Chivalrie can be found in the trash can in the utility room with the ventilation control system.
  • Vending machine code for the holorifle reinf. components mod is located where you leave Christine during the Mixed Signals quest, in the same room that has the elevator.
  • Lover's mark stash - Inside the switching station.

Behind the scenes


The Puesta del Sol switching station appears in Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.