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Puesta del Sol
FNV Puesta del Sol Entry Crtyd.png
Icon ruins.png
Puesta del Sol north
PdS north loc.jpg
Map MarkerPuesta del Sol
SectionsPuesta del Sol north
Puesta del Sol south
BuildingsRuined building, ruined cafe,
ruined store, service route, switching station
Connects toVilla
QuestsMixed Signals
Strike Up the Band
Cell NameWestTown (PdS north)
WestTownSouth (PdS south)
ref idxx001335 (PdS north)
xx006ee1 (PdS south)
TerminalsPuesta del Sol terminals
Puesta del Sol loc.jpg
Gametitle-FNV DM.png
Gametitle-FNV DM.png

Puesta del Sol is a district within the Sierra Madre Villa in 2281.


Puesta del Sol's construction crews had numerous clashes and arguments with the casino construction crews and the construction lagged behind Salida del Sol. It was as if construction efforts ran out of steam and money.


There are two sides to Puesta Del Sol, North and South. There are at least two levels in most areas, often allowing the player to move safely on rooftops or balconies.

Puesta del Sol north

Directly right of the entrance is a Sierra Madre vending machine. Further along the wall on the right, there is a hole in the wall leading into a store. There is radio interference when in the room which causes explosive collars to start beeping. Inside the store is a Very Hard-locked safe behind the counter. The store has a broken down wall that leads out into the main street.

In the center of the street, there is a fountain with streets branching off. To the west is the service route and to the south is Puesta del Sol south. The main street continues north. After several meters, the street forks to the left and and right around a building. The north fork simply leads into a courtyard filled with the cloud and leads back out into main street. The west fork is interrupted by a hole in the wall. This room has stairs leading up to a small lounge area before heading up to the third floor. The third floor's wall has been broken down; wooden planks conjoin the room to the rooftop, which has refrigerators, couches and beds acting as a makeshift barricade. Behind the barricade is a toolbox which contains an electric box fuse.

From here, dropping down to the roof will give one easy access to any area in Puesta del Sol north. By heading along the roof southward, you find a room that contains a radio (this is what was transmitting in the store below). Inside the room is a patch of the Cloud and an Average-locked safe some some potentially helpful supplies.

From where you dropped down, by proceeding west (either on the roofs or streets), there is broken in wall in the left on the second floor (so you can only access it from the roof). Inside is a terminal detailing security raids. Continuing along the path, there is another room on the left (still only accessible from the roofing. Inside is a speaker on a table and a Very Hard-locked terminal that turns on hologram security. Near the roof's wall is a toolbox containing another electric box fuse. Here, the roof access basically ends. Luckily the switching station is a short way due north.

However, if you continue exploring the rooftops, you can go into the Cloud near the fork. By going on the roof, one can access a hole in the wall. Inside is a desk with the foreman's key (which opens the door to the service route near the entrance of Puesta del Sol. This room has stairs leading down to a room with several terminals and desks before leading back upstairs. An unlucky wastelander is at the exiting door frame. Through the door is a confined area filled with Cloud. At the end of this area is a toolbox with the third (and last) electric box fuse. Fortunately, a nearby hallway leads to the entrance pf the switching station.

Puesta del Sol south

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Notable loot

  • Vending machine code for the Auto. rifle upgr. internals mod for the automatic rifle, in Puesta del Sol South, next to the wires where you leave Dean in Strike Up the Band.
  • Vending machine code for the Holorifle adv. calibration mod for the holorifle, in Puesta del Sol South on top of the tallest roof. To get there, go into the ruined cafe and exit through the top floor (exit located southern part of cafe, not north or east). Follow the rooftops to the center building in the square and you will see a grating leading to the platform above. The vending code is on the ground at the base of the center column opposite the ramp you came up, near several microfusion cells.
  • Vending machine code for Buffout in Puesta del Sol South east around corner from ruined cafe in shop with vending machine.
  • Vending machine code for demolition charge near a pool table on the third floor of a building with a wire ramp surrounding a courtyard of toxic cloud. same level as a sun bathing room. above the laser pistol.
  • The 4 of Diamonds-Sierra Madre is found by entering Puesta del Sol South from the ruined store and taking a left. The room you enter will have it on the top shelf along the wall. The Jack of Spades is in the same room behind the couch.
  • The foreman's key is found in the second floor hole in the wall in the Courtyard after the street forks. It is accessed by walking on the rooftops and is on the desk.

Related quests


Puesta del Sol appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Behind the scenes

  • Puesta del Sol translates as "sunset" in Spanish.
  • Megan Parks handled decorating and cluttering up the interiors and static lighting.[1]