Psychotic Prankster

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Psychotic Prankster
47 Psychotic Prankster.pngPants Exploded.jpg
RequirementsPlace a grenade or mine while pickpocketing
Gamer Score10
Trophy TypeBronze

Psychotic Prankster is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 3.


Successfully reverse-pickpocket a live explosive into someone's inventory.

Usable explosives


  • Pants Exploded is both a term and a player-statistic that appears on the screen between loading areas. It measures the total number of times the player has planted explosives on someone.
  • Not all creatures have an inventory. Pants Exploded only works on opponents that you'd normally see holding weapons(but they don't have to be wearing pants).
  • Any size bomb will be lethal. The Pants Exploded maneuver is judged upon your success at covertly planting the bomb, not on your explosives skill or the power of the device used, so use something cheap.
  • You can lose Karma for killing a creature this way, when killing them normally does no such thing.
  • Reverse pickpocketing any sort of explosives into someone´s pocket also allows you to kill anyone, even inside main cities without getting caught.
  • Planting an explosive piece of ammunition such as a mini nuke or missile in someones inventory doesn't cause it to explode.
  • Because children cannot be killed in Fallout 3, explosives placed in a child's inventory will not explode. The item will simply be lost.
  • Even if you fail, if you are sufficiently hidden, you will not be "detected" by the enemy - and will remain [HIDDEN]. However, you will be unable to attempt pickpocketing on that particular non-player character again.

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