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For the character from the Fallout Tactics demo, see Psycho (character).
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Psycho, colloquially termed "angry juice" and "the big red one",[1] is a military-grade, performance-enhancing drug in all Fallout games.


A military-grade psychosis-inducing amphetamine, Psycho is provided in a unique delivery system that mixes strange chemicals of military origin immediately prior to injection.[2][3][4] The drug saw its inception in the laboratories of a research division operating under the authority of General Constantine Chase, who used methamphetamine as basis, making the result drug almost like, but legally distinct from it.[5] It entered combat use during the final stages of the Anchorage Reclamation, to reduce the impact of attrition on U.S. forces deployed to the Alaskan front. Its deployment was authorized by General and his chief medical officer, Dr. Adrienn Adami, despite the clinical trials being incomplete at the time.[6]

Its primary effect is an increase in damage resistance and dampening of higher brain functions, intended to create tough shock troops for human-wave assaults. The caveat is that the dampening effect also makes the soldiers hard to control.[7] Some variants of Psycho, based around similar chemicals, also increase combat performance by speeding up reflexes and bodily functions to allow the soldiers to deal more damage, though said variant precluded the damage resistance boost.[8] Both cause them to be particularly jumpy and aggressive.[9]

Due to the rushed nature of the drug development and deployment, numerous side effects manifest as a result of Psycho usage. Chief among these is that the stimulant can cause users with weak hearts to suffer a fatal heart attack.[10][11] Long term effects include dementia, psychosis,[6] elevated levels of aggression, and general agitation. Addiction aggravates the adverse symptoms.[12]



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Gameplay articles:

The basic variants of Psycho are highly addictive and exist in two classes: one that increases damage resistance and one that increases damage dealt in combat. They are potent combat drugs should be used in moderation and fetch a high price on the market.


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Gameplay article:

A next-generation chem is a cocktail of Psycho and Med-X that combines the effects of both drugs. It is just as addictive as the original variants, but offers far superior performance.

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    I've read the early clinical trials, and there are certainly some possible side effects -- dementia, psychotic aggression. And of course addiction.
    But the adverse effects do seem limited. Okay, I do realize the chem was developed by Chase's R&D division, but if the thing works it works.
    Can we really afford to be picky at this point? Some of these groundpounders have family in Anchorage. I'll give them any boost I damn well can.
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