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The Prydwen
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Map MarkerPrydwen
FactionsBrotherhood of Steel
OwnersLancer-Captain Kells
LeadersElder Arthur Maxson
DoctorsKnight-Captain Cade
MerchantsProctor Teagan
Act II
Secondary quests
Radiant quests
Cell NameBostonAirportExt11
PrydwenHull01 (main deck)
PrydwenHull02 (command deck)
PrydwenHull03 (quarters)
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0005c92e (main deck)
0014fc54 (command deck)
0021630b (quarters)
TerminalsPrydwen terminals:
Botany Terminal
Knight-Captain Cade's Terminal
Crew's Terminal
Proctor Ingram's Terminal
Captain Kell's Terminal
Elder Maxson's Terminal
Scribe Neriah's Terminal
Outgoing Mail Terminal
Proctor Quinlan's Terminal
Recreation Terminal

She may not be beautiful, but she's safe, reliable and heavily armored enough to keep the riff-raff from bringing her down.


The Prydwen is a crucial location in the Commonwealth and the flagship of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Though the Brotherhood has once possessed a small fleet of pre-War airships,[1] they have all been destroyed in fighting super mutants or scuttled for parts in the 22nd century.[2] Born at the dusk of the 23rd century, the Prydwen is the first post-War aircraft,[1] a one of a kind advanced airship constructed by the Brotherhood of Steel at Adams Air Force Base, and a manifestation of its rebirth on the East Coast. Initial work began in 2278. Two years alone were spent on designing it by the sharpest minds the Brotherhood had at its disposal.[3] Another two years were spent gathering the parts necessary to enable its construction,[4] with components salvaged from the destroyed Enclave base playing a crucial role in its construction. The Prydwen was launched in 2282, granting the Brotherhood the ability to mobilize its entire division and field it anywhere they need to at a moment's notice.[5][6]

In terms of design, the Prydwen is a 40,000 ton[6] rigid-frame airship, with lighter-than-air gas bags safely hidden inside a lightweight armored plating that surrounds the main deck. Originally powered by an old type fusion plant, it was refitted with an updated plant pulled from the wreckage of an aircraft carrier for the Commonwealth campaign. As such, it has been capable of crossing the vast distance dividing the ruins of Washington, D.C. and Boston in record time thanks to the power of its main engines. The Prydwen can land on the ground in emergencies and to conserve coolant needed to keep it afloat.[7][8] Notably, the airship itself is unarmed, but it always carries enough troops, Vertibirds and supplies to mount a major offensive.[9]

The Brotherhood's airborne aircraft carrier contains all of the facilities needed to make long range operations possible: Barracks, research and development facilities, a medical bay, armory, workshops, and more. During the War for the Commonwealth, the carrier also houses the top leadership of the chapter. Apart from Elder Maxson:

  • Lancer-Captain Kells, the head of the Lancers and Prydwen's skipper, resides at the command deck on the bridge, overseeing field operations.
  • Proctor Teagan, head of the Order of the Sword, acts as Prydwen's quartermaster. His office is in the supply depot in the rear. The head of the airport supply depot, Knight-Sergeant Gavil, answers directly to him.
  • Proctor Ingram, head of the Order of the Shield, works in the power armor maintenance bay. She oversees engineering and maintenance duties both aboard the Prydwen and airportside. It's her job to ensure the reactor remains operational and the ship airborne. She also works towards restoring Liberty Prime, the keystone of Elder Maxson's stratagem against the Institute.
  • Proctor Quinlan, head of the Order of the Quill, oversees Scribe research and recovery operations from his quarters on the main deck, opposite the infirmary. Field Scribes answer to him and he's personally checking every technical document brought in from the field by them or other Brotherhood operatives.

Apart from the three Order leaders, the chapter's most talented physician, Knight Captain Cade resides in the medical bay, treating wounded soldiers and assessing new recruits in order to see if they're combat ready. He's notoriously strict and refuses to clear Paladin Brandis for duty until the Sole Survivor completes either The Nuclear Option for the Brotherhood or completes Mass Fusion for the Institute while working for the Railroad. 


The Prydwen does not arrive in the Commonwealth until the completion of Reunions. Afterwards, it's moored at the Boston Airport and can be accessed by using a Vertibird stationed at the terminal. The first arrival will likely be by using the Vertibird at the Cambridge Police Station, if the player is a part of the Brotherhood.

The Prydwen is divided into four sections: The flight deck, forward deck, command deck, main deck, and the forecastle.

Flight deck

Suspended below the primary structure of the Prydwen, the flight deck is a key asset of the unarmed airship. The entire system is designed to accommodate as many as four Vertibirds for docking via four retractable struts. The Prydwen docking is simple - the Vertibird hovers in position, while the strut connects with its dorsal apparatus, then slowly lifts it into a docking position, while the gunship folds its nacelles and rotors for docking. It's a simple, yet highly efficient design that allows for rapid dispatching of air units and Brotherhood squads at a moment's notice.[10]

Command deck

The command deck is the nerve center of the airship, containing the command deck proper - which is the usual station of the Elder - used for meetings and planning, the bridge and the helm, where Lancer-Captain Kells oversees the operations of his ship, and the primary stairwell, which connects to the forward gangway and the primary means of entrance to The Prydwen when she is on the ground.[10]

Forward deck

The forward deck serves as the primary access point whenever the ship is on the ground and as auxiliary stowage and maintenance access to the forward jet engines whenever she's airborne.

Main deck

The heart of the Prydwen, the main deck is built into the main envelope of the airship, right beneath the massive airbags keeping the behemoth afloat. Entered through a ladder straight from the command deck, the main deck can be divided into three distinct levels, depending on where they are relative to the deck structure:[10].

  • The upper level consists of the walkways connecting the gas bags to the deck structure and the forecastle, as well as the roof. The roof is used for two purposes: The fore section is used by the crew as living quarters, containing bunks and eating areas, as well as storing miscellaneous gear. The aft section has been adapted for a field research station under Senior Scribe Neriah, responsible for analyzing the foes the Brotherhood faces (usually by dissecting their corpses) and various additional projects. The laboratory also contains a botany station, though it has been recently vacated after the Senior Botany Scribe took to drinking glowleaf tea.[11][12][10]
  • The central level, or the interior of the deck structure, is the most robust and multi-functional part of the deck. It contains the private quarters of the top members of the Brotherhood, most importantly Elder Maxson, as well as a fully stocked infirmary and medical lab ran by Knight-Captain Cade, archives maintained by Proctor Quinlan, the primary mess hall (where food is served on a first-come, first-served basis), the power armor bays and workshops supervised by Proctor Ingram, and the quartermastery ran by Proctor Teagan.[10]
  • The lower level is situated directly above the flight deck and is used primarily for storage. The aft section is dedicated to heavy munitions, such as Fat Man rounds recovered from Fort Strong. The front section has been organized by Ingram and Teagan into a recreation area, with a supply of alcohol, cigarettes, and a terminal for swapping messages. The terminal has been disconnected from the ship's network for the sake of convenience.

Prydwen quarters, located just next to Elder Maxson's quarters, belong to Paladin Danse, the ranking officer on the ground. After Danse is outed as a synth, they are assigned to the Sole Survivor, along with a promotion to Paladin.


The most forward part of the airship, jutting forward and providing troops stationed on it with unparalleled vision range and ability to hit any target they choose. For this reason, the Prydwen's forecastle is outfitted with an unique sharpshooter's stowage, containing a charging laser sniper rifle. The forecastle is also used to hold memorial services for fallen brothers and sisters.[13]


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Behind the scenes

However, one vehicle whose size is both impressive and appropriate is the Prydwen, the only postwar-built airship. We went with a full-on diesel-punk design, combining elements of Zepplins and naval vessels and using mysterious technologies (beyond simple hydrogen) to keep it afloat. Its complement of Vertibirds are of a different variety than the gunships used by the Enclave—better suited to troop transport but modified for deployment from the airship.

The Art of Fallout 4 p.256
  • Prydwen was the ship of King Arthur, according to Middle Welsh poem Preiddeu Annwfn (The Spoils of Annwyf). Arthur Maxson deliberately chose this name.[14]


The Prydwen appears only in Fallout 4.


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    As we've been docked over the airport, I've been able to deactivate the main engines to cool down the reactor, but we're still eating up coolant when we're in hover mode. We're eventually going to hit a point where we'll run out of coolant. If that happens, we'll need to put the Prydwen on the ground. I desperately need your help if you want to prevent that from happening. I'll be certain to provide you with the details at our next briefing.
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The Prydwen