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This is a lore summary, presenting intradiegetic or in-universe information about the subject. For game characteristics and similar data, consult the table on the right.
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Sunset Sarsaparilla security
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Fallout 4Protectron
Protectron Guardian
Protectron Steward
Protectron Watcher
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Fallout 4: AMProtectron Devil
Fallout 76Auto-Miner
Protectron Strikebreaker

The RobCo Protectron was constructed for a multitude of civil service applications, from security to firefighting.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

RobCo Industries Protectron is robot model that appears in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.


One of the most widespread and popular models in RobCo Industries' catalog, the Protectron was designed as an inexpensive work drone, capable of performing a wide variety of tasks from construction, through security, to office duties.[1] It's a compact, bipedal work drone with a pair of manipulators and integrated lasers for self-defense. The large dome contains the primary optic sensors (usually three)[2] and the central processing unit that contains the robot's synthetic personality. For ease of maintenance, the Protectron is typically powered by a fission battery.[3] As it was not intended for combat, at least not as a direct combatant, the Protectron only has a thin alloyed shell meant to protect its internal components from the environment and damage that could be sustained in the course of its duties. The head assembly is typically shielded by a semi-transparent or opaque dome from reinforced glass, though various hardware modifications were introduced before the war to enhance its effectiveness.[4][5]

Numerous variants of the Protectron were available on the market, due to the its reliability and flexibility. Apart from the standard body, RobCo also offered construction drones with a shielded, reinforced head, emergency light, and internal power tools like nailguns,[6] firefighter models with an internal cryo gun for fire suppression and additional protection from fire and debris,[7] medic units with built-in defibrillators,[8] and reinforced police models with tasers, stronger servomotors, and armored head.[9] Even factory models could be customized with a variety of software and synthetic personalities to enhance its performance, making it a popular choice for both the private and public sectors.[10] These included the R04 V9 "Office Helper" personality[11] with integrated office protocols and scheduling software,[12] RS3 V4.1.6 "Utility Helper"[13] with remote maintenance routine download capability[14] and pest extermination programs,[15] and the RX2 V1.16.4 "Vault Helper",[16] with all the necessary Vault protocols.[17] Protectrons usually came with a special pod, for storage, maintenance, and recharging,[18] and the Standard Protectron Control Interface v2.40 installed on terminals connected to the pod and responsible for controlling Protectrons slaved to it.[19]

The introduction of the Protectron had a deleterious effect on the situation of workers in the United States. The efficiency and reliability of the Protectron made it a fantastic, tireless laborer[20] easily displacing blue-collar workers, even in industries not affected by the ongoing war. Although companies would deny that the introduction of robotic workers was meant to replace human workers,[21] the reality was that any company where Protectrons or other robots were introduced would soon see mass layoffs.[22] In one particular instance, a Pittsburgh steel mill decided to lay off all of its workers[23] citing budget cuts and the need to shut the plant down. When the workers started an occupation strike,[24] the company simply allowed the new Protectron fleet to enter the facility and gun down the striking workers down to the last man.[25][26]


In all of the games they appear in, Protectrons are the slowest and the weakest model of robot, easily outmaneuvered by any competent fighter. However, they are persistent and can provide an edge in a fight, even if just as a distraction.



The basic Protectron was marketed for a variety of commercial purposes, ranging from security to maintenance. The Protectron came in several main iterations: The standard version, and the Watcher and Guardian models, providing improved armor and weapons for security. Protectrons were also offered to the military, painted in olive drab and provided with individual serial numbers, to automate various tasks in the face of the manpower shortages at the end of the Sino-American War.

Examples include:


Gameplay articles:

A distinct variant designed for use by Transit Authorities across the nation, the Protectron Steward (just Metro Protectron in D.C.) was outfitted with a sophisticated scanning system to detect paying customers and detain who tried to board trains without the corresponding metro ticket, subway token, or pass card.



RobCo produced a line of specialized models for use by emergency services, each outfitted with custom livery, firmware, and hardware matching their intended purpose:

Notably, all Protectron control terminals came with copies of all Protectron personalities.


Gameplay articles:

The Utility line of robots was designed by RobCo to address shortages in cheap labor across the United States, allowing companies to replace human employees with robotic equivalents. Countless versions were created for the market, with great variation in terms of hardware, firmware, and appearance. Notable products include:

  • The construction variant, with hardened shell, protected dome, floodlights and a pair of loader arms. Some models include an internalized nailgun.
  • The factory Protectrons manufactured for Pittsburgh steel mills, to replace the increasingly rebellious workers with robots.
  • Shipping workers purchased by the Sunset Sarsaparilla company for the same purpose.


Gameplay article:

John-Caleb Bradberton ordered a series of heavily customized Protectrons for use at his theme park. They can be broadly separated into two types: Nukatrons and Galactrons.

  • Nukatrons are outfitted with a completely custom body, resembling the iconic Nuka-Cola vending machines. With a monitor mounted at the top displaying park rules and information videos, they were used for security purposes and visitor handling. As their variant names suggest, they were based off of the standard security line of Protectrons.
  • Galactrons were standard security Protectrons with a custom white and gold paintjob and enhanced laser weapons, ostensibly intended for use in the RobCo Battlezone gauntlet.

Both variants were a way to conceal military hardware in broad daylight, so that Bradberton could use the Nuka-World theme park to rebuild civilization. Unfortunately, he got ahead of himself in his plans and they never saw fruition.


Gameplay article:

Custom-produced by RobCo and Atomic Mining Services for the Hornwright Industrial Mining Company, the Auto-Miner line of Protectron allowed for mining in areas deemed unsafe for humans, as well as providing inexpensive tireless labor. Headed by an Auto-Foreman, the Auto-Miner looks very similar to the Utility Protectron's construction variant, with the notable exception of drill hands instead of loader arms.


Gameplay article:

Used by Hornwright Industrial Mining Company as part of their Strikebreaker line of robots, the Protectron Strikebreaker was meant to prevent strikes organized by the workers of Appalachia. Mostly used around areas workers struck at, the Protectron Strikebreaker was also used as home security at the Hornwright Estate.

Unlicensed variants

Big MT series

Protectron blue.png
Gameplay article:

A product of Big MT's attempt to reverse-engineer and improve on Robert House's Protectron model, the Protectrons were significantly more durable, but unreliable - much like the berserk and damaged Securitrons produced at the de-construction plant.

Rust Devils

Gameplay article:

Although Protectrons are the weakest of RobCo creations, they are plentiful, rugged, and stable. The talented Rust Devils have used their skill at customizing robots to create numerous improved versions, combining junk, bone, and heavy-duty weaponry to create modern day monsters:


Gameplay article:

Though she had access to higher grade robots, Isabel Cruz also selected the Protectron for experimentation, creating a number of variants basing on the standard Protectron chassis, affectionately termed "Junkbots".

Behind the scenes

The Protectron's design seems to be inspired by Robby the Robot, a robot that appeared in the 1950s Sci-Fi film The Forbidden Planet.



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