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Project Blue Blood was the codename of the pre-War Big Mountain Research and Development Center bio-weapon project for a subservient invisible mutant hound until 2077.


A spin off of the griffin dare between Dr. Calis and Dr. Borous,[1] this project was intended to make some sort of use of the newly created nightstalkers. While some were sent to the X-8 research center for their cyberdog testing others were sent to the X-13 research facility for biological optic camouflage testing.

Those sent to the X-8 research center were not sent with either instructions nor regard for their staffers own safety. These abominations would continue to act as feral dogs would towards their handlers.[2] Upon the immediate release of one from its kennel – at the expressed request of their boss, Dr. Gail Richardson – it successfully attacked, killed and attempted to swallow whole Specialist Akers. Although this situation would resolve itself – the creature choking to death on the man[3] – the ominous sign was there, completely ignored by the project leads involved. (Even the shipping department was concerned more with their duties rather than the situation.) Once however they attempted to bring these abominations from their kennels they slaughtered all but Skippy whom made one last entry. As the shipping department went into lockdown, assuring his supervisors that he would work overtime to catch up on the orders once the plague was attended to.[4] This however was not to be, as the supervisors instead chose to experiment with setting the creatures loose within the testing area before removing them from the facility. Believing there to be some possible benefit from, as they put it "the small shipping accident."[5] This all however was for not, the shipping department would remain in lockdown and the cyberdog and the X-13's EM Pulse Wave Module prototype for the sonic emitter would remain incomplete.

Their latest cloaking serum would prove to be a success. However they needed to review the nighttime recordings to verify their success, as under human observation the creatures would remain visible. Although they calked it up to a physical limitation or some mental drawback to the ability, which prevents its usage under duress.[6] It was another ominous sign that these abominations might not be as stupid as the scientists thought.

To begin their new stress testing, they first had to receive a shipment of cattle prods, this was done by Dr. Calis' assistant, Paris.[7][8] It was during this testing, however this is when the nightstalkers began exhibiting more aggressive behavior towards their handlers. Causing Paris to be the first to notice, and express well warranted concern. Suggesting to his boss Dr. Calis that he be allowed to run new blood tests on the nightstalkers, to find out why this phenomenon was occurring. Meanwhile, Dr. Calis arrogant as ever, glossed over the concerns of his assistant, and personally went down to the basement's holding cells to trigger a reaction from the nightstalkers, via cattle prod, in order to show the other project leads some much needed progress on the project.

Discerning no notable data with the blood work, Paris postulated that a change in the nightstalkers' brain chemistry occurred due to the effects of consistent exposure to cattle prod shocks, in correlation with the chemistry of the injections that the nightstalkers received. Whichever was the cause, they had successfully escaped confinement just as Dr. Calis was entering their kennel. Killing him first they then proceeded to slaughter the X-13 staff, with the facility falling to the threat within. Although this project was billed for the war effort they had yet to find a way to control these abominations.[9][10][11][12]


Project Blue Blood is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.