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Product Brainstorming 2
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Product Brainstorming 2 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


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Marcus Taylor: New data suggests that snack beverages that have a medical connection are gaining in popularity. We've looked at a variety of potential formulations and our best bet, from a supply side perspective is a fermented, cranberry flavored drink. We can use surplus cranberry storage from Raleigh County as a primary source. The key to messaging will be to move the dialogue away from "spoiled fruit" to "premium lifestyle brand". Our goal is to tie in with a number of tastemakers in the film and television industries and to combine that with a sleek design and a clear liquid with a more pointed taste. We think that we can portray fans of this beverage as having refined palettes and a taste for high quality products, which should drive sales across adult markets.

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