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Primitive tribe
Notable MembersSulik
HeadquartersPrimitive village
Notable LocationsNew California

The Primitive Tribe are a group of tribals located around Arroyo in 2241. Their village is on the coast of the Pacific in California (which they call the "Great Salt Water"), to the south of Arroyo and two moons from Klamath, on almost at the same latitude as Redding.

It was planned to appear in a location in Fallout 2 but was cut for the final version of the game and is now only mentioned by Sulik in-game, and the Primitive Tribe member can only be met in a random encounter.


They are extreme believers in the here-after and revere many spirits, certain that they are the tribe's spirits. Their principals are connected to the classical elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The main, wisest and strongest of them is Grampy Bone, that appears to be the only unique spirit and not come from other spirits group. It is only in contact with Sulik, an honor for him, which can be found through his nose's bone. The known Primitive Tribe's spirits are:

  • Bonespirits
  • Dark-spirits
  • Evil spirits
  • Grampy Bone
  • Spirits of anger
  • Spirits of chaos
  • Spirits of fire
  • Spirits of poison
  • Spirits of wrath
  • Spirits of the earth
  • Spirits of the sky
  • Spirits of the water
  • Spirits of the wind
  • Spirits walking
  • Strong spirits
  • Stupid spirits

For them, spirits are omnipresent, and can, and often do, travel with people and can guide them, such as a stupid person carrys "stupid spirits", while an evil person has "evil spirits". The members of the Primitive Tribe also have a large bone driven their nose, allowing them to be connected to spirits and able to speak with them, given advice and talk about the future, but "spirits see and say different", so their words are sometimes hard to understand.


Before 2241, Kurisu, with some other member of the Primitive Tribe, wanted to trading with another village, but during the journey, she and the other members of the group were killed or kidnapped by a mysterious group. Only one survivor returned to the village and said that "evil warriors came with magic torches. Fire would lick tribe warriors and they'd go to the spirit. The evil warriors tied up the rest and took off". Sometime later, Vic the trader came to the Primitive Tribe's village to talk about the group (thinking it was the Slavers Guild of Metzger) who kidnapped the group of Kurisu and say to Sulik, the brother of Kurisu, to come to Klamath for more information. But Vic was taken prisoner by Metzger, and when Sulik finally went to Klamath and saw that Vic was not there, he stopped in the Buckner House. Immerged by "spirits of anger and chaos", he drank and destroyed the establishment, linking him to Maida Buckner the owner until his debt of 350 NCR dollars is paid for the damages. After that, in 2241, the Primitive Tribe are extremely wary about strangers, not hesitating to insult them to make them leave. Despite this, their demeanor is not hostile.

Interactions with the player

The Primitive Tribe can be sometimes encountered by the player. They are armed with sharpened spears and sharpened poles. They can be encountered in random encounters around the sea in south of Arroyo.


Icon armored vault suit.png
Assault carbine icon.png
Sharpened spear
x3 or x4 sharpened pole
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Some gold dollars
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death

Notable quotes

  • "Let the spirits of the sky piss on you."
  • "May the spirit of the earth swallow you."
  • "May the spirits of the wind blow a foul stench in your direction."
  • "Spirits of the water desert you."
  • "Great spirits of fire curse you."


  • From the description given by Sulik on the kidnapping of the group of Kurisu, which is extremely similar to that given by Hakunin after the devastation of Arroyo, it most likely the Enclave kidnapped the group of Kurisu, but the reason is unknown.
  • Even if Sulik and Vic meets, Vic in fact thought it was the Slavers Guild of Metzger who kidnapped Kurisu, while this is not the case.
  • The reaction of the Primitive Tribe member doesn't change if Sulik is in the group, and he doesn't become hostile if they are attacked.


The village of the Primitive Tribe was supposed to appear in Fallout 2 but it was cut, and now the Primitive Tribe appear only in random encounters (under the name "a war party"). Sulik, a tribal companion in Fallout 2 is from its tribe.