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President Kimball's Itinerary
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QuestsYou'll Know It When It Happens
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President Kimball's Itinerary is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be found in Hoover Dam visitor center. It is given to the player for You'll Know It When It Happens.



Hoover Dam Presidential Visit Schedule

The President will visit Hoover Dam to give a speech to the troops and award a medal to Private Watson for his bravery and service to the NCR.

The President is scheduled to arrive via Vertibird from California. The Vertibird will land on the top of the Visitor's Center where Colonel Moore will meet the President and escort him out to the stage.

After a brief introduction by Colonel Moore, the President will give his speech. The speech will only take approximately four minutes. During the speech the President will award a medal to Private Jeremy Watson for his service to the NCR.

Once the speech is over, the President will be escorted directly back through the visitor center to his Vertibird for immediate departure.

In event of an emergency, the speech will be canceled and the President will be rushed to the Vertibird for immediate departure. If the is a problem with the Vertibird, a room on the second level of the visitor center will be used as a safe room to keep the President secure until any threat is over. Access to this room has been restricted and Colonel Moore has the key in her desk.