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The pre-War theme is one of the possible themes for the player residence in Fallout 3.

Megaton House

The rug and furniture are the biggest difference you'll notice, as well as the shelves of food next to the stairwell. A coat/hat rack and gnome are to the right of the door, as well as a brand new Red Racer tricycle in the middle of the room. Upstairs there is additional furniture (small chairs, lamp table and lamp, etc.), including a couch in the spare room.

Pre-War Theme

This Improvement also adds:


  • If you drop anything small or flat on the rug (magazines, silverware, etc.) they may vanish from sight but will still be there. Just move the cursor around until the item name appears and you can pick the item back up. This can happen when trying to lay magazines on the living room table as the bottom level of the table appears to have an invisible slant on it, preventing items from sitting flat and sometimes sliding off, depending on the weight and size of the item.
  • The tricycle can be very hard to handle, due to its size and that it cannot be picked up into the player's inventory. It has a habit of bouncing around when you or your companions bump into it, which can in turn hit other things and ruin any decoration you've put in place. It can, however, be picked up using the grab control and shoved somewhere out of the way, like behind the door in the upstairs den or next to the bobble head stand though it has the tendency to reapear at its original location every few days. You can completely delete it using the console and the zap command.
  • Also if you had items lying around your suite/house before you buy the theme, i.e. a missile launcher or power armor, they may disappear permanently after you purchase the theme. So, make sure you have all items either stored in a locker or on your person.

Tenpenny Tower Suite

Your pre-War theme will consist of a shelf, a coffee table, two chairs, a dog house with a stuffed dog, an oven, a fridge, a work desk, a couch, a bathtub and an nonoperational TV. Notable loot is listed. (the fridge and the oven cannot be used for storage)

Pre war theme Tenpenny.jpg