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Powering Up
PoweringUp MainQuest FO4.png
Quest data
LocationThe Institute
Diamond City
Given ByFather
AchievementPowering Up
PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
Editor IDInst305
Base ID000a274b
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leads to:
End of the Line

Powering Up is both a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


As the Institute prepares to burn their own way in the Commonwealth, in order to secure their future and possibly the future of the world, Father will need to make some final revelations, and show his hand to both his fellow scientists, and his enemies.


  1. Upon returning to Father, he will have the Sole Survivor record a public broadcast of those living in the Commonwealth. While a speech format is given to the Sole Survivor to study upon, it is ultimately irrelevant, as the Sole Survivor may choose their own words once broadcasting. They may either choose to dismissive of the Commonwealth people, threatening towards them, empathetic with them, or outright contemptuous towards them.
  2. The broadcast, once finished, will then need to be brought to Diamond City Radio, in which the transmitter must be upgraded using on-site parts, in order to properly broadcast to everyone in the Commonwealth.
  3. Returning to the Institute, the Sole Survivor will find that the route has been opened up to the reactor, through the advanced technologies division, where Father will be met, before he begins a speech for the division heads, who have collected in the reactor room as well.
  4. After the short speech, Father will ask for the Sole Survivor to personally install the Beryllium agitator, and then activate it using a nearby terminal.
  5. A Directorate meeting is now being held, which the Sole Survivor will need to attend, with Father stating that he is going to sit this one out and leave it all up to their parent.
  6. At this meeting, it is revealed that the division heads had already come to the decision that The Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel must be forcibly dealt with, with the only decision that the Sole Survivor has any part in, being as to whether or not the Institute should focus their efforts on building a larger synth army, or whether they should focus more on improving their weapons technology.
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