Power to the People (Vault-Tec Workshop)

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Power to the People
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Quest data
LocationVault 88
Given ByValery Barstow
RewardExperience points
Editor IDDLC06E01
Base IDxx004a7e
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A Model Citizen
leads to:
The Watering Hole

Power to the People is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.


After interviewing an enthusiastic wastelander named Clem, Overseer Barstow determines he will be useful for the vault's experiments.


  1. Take the Vault 88 jumpsuit off of the trunk near the vault entrance and equip it on Clem.
  2. Talk to Overseer Barstow; she will describe how exercise is inherently selfish and counterproductive to society. To this end, the Power Cycle 1000 is a machine that allows citizens to exercise while providing raw power to the Vault.
  3. Build the Power Cycle 1000 Prototype in the "Special" section of the workshop menu, connect a terminal to it and choose an experimental parameter. It does not matter which of the three parameters are chosen.
  4. Allow Clem to cycle for one hour.
  5. After he cycles for an hour, the Power Cycle 1000 will explode from Clem pedaling so much, flinging him from the bike.
  6. Repair the Power Cycle 1000, and report back to Overseer Barstow.

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