Powder Ganger camp south

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Powder Ganger camp south
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Map MarkerPowder Ganger Camp South
FactionsPowder Gangers
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The Powder Ganger camp south is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, south-west of the New California Republic Correctional Facility (NCRCF).


Organized under a derelict train car that's been stuck in the sand for decades, this camp marks the southern boundary of the powder gangers' territory. The car provides shelter from the harsh desert sun and bears graffiti from countless travelers who rested here, including an earnest call to "FIGHT APATHY or don't" and a tag reminding passers-by that "Steve Wuz Here". The powder gangers have added an old mattress as a bed in the bad and set up a campfire for use while watching out for caravans and travelers to rob.

Chavez will appear at the camp once I Fought the Law begins. There's also another copy of the powder ganger note on the bench, calling on gangers to organize and pool resources, inspired by the Vault 19 example up north.

Notable loot


Powder Ganger camp south appears in Fallout: New Vegas.