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For the Fallout 2 location, see Navarro Gas Station.
Poseidon gas station
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The Poseidon gas station is a gas station west of New Vegas that was owned by Poseidon Energy before the Great War. The gas station is located south-west of South Vegas Ruins West Entrance, north-east of Chance's Map around the mountains surrounding Red Rock Canyon, and just north of Violet and her numerous guard dogs.


Once owned by Poseidon Energy, this gas station was used as an illegal dumping ground for "safety barrels." Now this location is slightly radioactive, with the half-buried barrels leaking their contents into the soil.[1]


The inside of the gas station is inaccessible, and other than a lootable garbage can and a destroyed police cruiser with some minor items, there's nothing here but radiation.

Notable loot


Poseidon gas station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png When you try to pick up any of the loot inside the destroyed police car, the rest will fall through the floor and become inaccessible. Taking the bottom roll of duct tape, will allow the Weapon repair kit and the other roll of duct tape to bounce back above the floor, allowing you to loot everything except the skill magazine. Alternatively, if you have some sort of explosive (Like a grenade or a stick of dynamite) you can use it to jar the items loose from their position. Just throw it on the ground within view of the open door, and if you're lucky the items will be blown backwards instead of falling through. Note that this may take several attempts, so save first.


  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.298: "[1.17] Poseidon Gas Station
    North of Violet and Violatta Trailer Campground [1.S22] at the head of trail 160, is a dumping ground of half-buried radioactive barrels. Beware of Fiends operating in this area, and check the police car for duct tape, and the following:
    * Magazine: True Police Stories [Crit. Chance] [1/11] [14/21]
    * Weapon Repair Kit"
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)