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Fallout Lore Portal: Everything You Need To Know About the Series and Its World
Fallout Lore Portal: Everything You Need To Know About the Series and Its World

Pre-War countries
Nations that survived the upheaval of the Resource Wars generally trended towards authoritarianism and aggression. The last remaining superpowers, United States and China, would eventually become the tools of armageddon.

Mexico · European Commonwealth · Soviet Union
Pre-War companies
As the world headed towards nuclear annihilation, the rich and powerful only grew richer and more powerful, particularly the megacorporations that dominated the market.

Military conflicts
The world before the Great War was a place of sorrow and seemingly unceasing conflict. The following articles cover the most important of these armed struggles.
Resource Wars · Sino-American War · Anchorage Reclamation · Annexation of Canada · Great War · Purifier Conflict · Mojave Campaign · Commonwealth War
FO2 Raiders Map.gif

Major regions
Following the Great War, traditional political divisions have largely lost their importance. These regions are areas where humanity continues to thrive, both in ruins of the Old World and cities of the New.

New California · Mojave Wasteland (Big MT, Sierra Madre, The Divide, Zion) · Capital Wasteland (Point Lookout, The Pitt) · Commonwealth (Mount Desert Island, Nuka-World) ·Appalachia

Post-War humans continue to organize themselves, just like countless generations before them. Whether they are camps, villages, town, or new cities, these communities form the basis of New World mankind.
The West

New California communities · Mojave communities

The East

Capital Wasteland communities · Commonwealth communities

Flora and fauna
Radiation, biochemical weapons, and environmental upheaval in the wake of the Great War led to the radical rearrangement of the ecosystem, wiping out countless old species and creating new to replace them

Ghost people · Ghoul (Feral ghoul · Glowing one) · Human (Dwarf · Lobotomite) · Super mutant (Mariposa super mutant · Nightkin · Vault 87 super mutant · Institute super mutant) · Scorched · Spore carrier · Swampfolk · Trog · Tunneler

Arthropods and insects

Bark scorpion · Bloatfly · Bloodbug · Cazador · Fire ant · Fly · Fog crawler · Giant ant · Hermit crab (Hermit crab hatchling) · Mantis · Mirelurk · Radroach · Radscorpion

Avians and mammals

Bear (Yao guai) · Bighorner · Brahmin · Cat ·Coyote · Chicken (Rad chicken) · Dog (Cyberdog) · Donkey · Dolphin whale  · Giant rat · Horse · Mole rat · Mutant hound · Pig rat · Rad rabbit · Radstag · Rat · Raven · Scorchbeasts · Sheep · Squirrel · Vulture · Wolf

Fish and amphibians

Angler · Fish · Giant catfish · Gulper


Deathclaw · Gatorclaw · Gecko · Iguana · Lakelurk · Swamplurk queen · Two-headed rattlesnake


Flatwoods monster · Grafton monsters · Mothmen · Snallygasters · Wendigos

Unclassifiable mutations

Centaur · Floater · Nightstalker · Spore carrier · Trog · Tunneler  · Scorchbeasts

Fo1 Laser Pistol.png
Science and technology

Military technologies
The war-torn Old World was crumbling in many ways, save one: Developing new weapons to kill each other.

Power armor · Energy weapons · Nuclear weapons · Robotics · Stealth technology

Biological weapons

Anthrax · Ebola

Though much of the research conducted before the Great War centered on military applications, there were many breakthroughs that revolutionized life - or promised to do it.

Nuclear fission and fusion

Artificial intelligence and artificial personalities  · Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV Curling-13  · EEP)  · Fusion  · Nuka-Cola

FO2 Ranger Pin.gif

Post-War polities
As humanity recovered from the nuclear holocaust, simple ways of organizing society gave way to increasingly more complex: Tribes, nations, states, and empires.

80s · Blackfoot · Boomers · Ciphers · Dead Horses · Fredonians · Hangdogs · Hidebarks · Jackals · Kaibabs · Khans · Point Lookout tribals · Ridgers · Sorrows · Sun Dogs · Three Families: Chairmen, Omertas, White Glove Society · Treeminders · Twin Mothers · Twisted Hairs · White Legs

Merchant companies
Trade was always a central part of civilization and the post-War world is no different. Caravan companies are among the most powerful non-state actors in the wasteland.

Major New California based: Crimson Caravan, Far Go Traders, Water Merchants, Gun Runners

Minor: Happy Trails Caravan Company, Griffin Wares, Cassidy Caravans, Durable Dunn's


Canterbury Commons · Bunker Hill

Other organizations
Many other organizations emerged out of the ashes of the Old World, establishing themselves among the sands of the New.
Other organizations

Followers of the Apocalypse · Free States · Office of Science and Industry  · Responders


Hub Underground · New Reno families: Bishops, Mordinos, Salvatores, Wrights, Van Graffs · Regulators


West: Great Khans (New Khans) · Jackals · Vipers · Scorpions

East: Forged · Gunners · Disciples · Operators · Rust Devils · The Pack · The Pitt  · Appalachian Raiders



People by faction  · By occupation  · By location

Religions persist in the post-War world, with many more providing solace to its adherents and power to leaders.

Antlerism  · Children of the Cathedral  · Children of Atom  · Christianity  ·Cult of Mars  · Dharma  · Hubology

The binding glue of society, law was always in service to human society and occassionally individual members.
General topics

Capital punishment

Legal acts

Pre-War: Anti-ghoul decree of 2282  · Executive Order 99066  · New Amended Espionage Act  · Wartime Workers Act  · more...

Post-War: Thaler Act · Security act 9837-334-27A


Treaty of New Vegas · Ranger Unification Treaty

General topics
Not every topic can fit into the preceding categories. This group catalogs articles that cannot be easily placed in any single category.

Sexuality · Language

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