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"Porkchops The Fish Lady"
"The Lonesome Laser Gal"
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Biography and appearance
LocationCapital Wasteland
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No one stands between me and my A3-21. Not unless they insist on being gooified.

“Porkchops The Fish Lady” is a player character in Fallout 3.




Porkchops The Fish Lady appears as a Fallout 3 "Meet the Wanderers", a player character in the First Edition of the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Collectors Edition.


  1. First Edition Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.493-494: "My dad told me I came out the wrong way, and mom was taking a lot of Jets, and no one knew. That dead guy Butch, well, he thought I was a mutant freak, but I'm not. Still, he wasn't laughing and pointing when I stood back and watched his mom get eaten, was he? After the teasing became too much, I just withdrew, and played with my Teddy called Ted. I started reading this really awesome book about this ancient dude called Nikola Tesla, and I snuck about, picking locks. Not as well as that Bob creep, but I get by. I'm smart and quick, despite the lisp. When I left the Vault, it seemed everyone loved their bullet-based weapons. Gah, it was so, y'know, 21st century, right? Every last Cap I found got spent on ammo for these cool laser weapons."
    "Everyone thought I was nuts for using high-tech gadgets in a world without running water. I knew they'd all be vaporized by them. It was just a matter of time. I checked every nook and every cranny. It took some time, but eventually I started making some real Caps. I checked out Hubris Comics, and gave myself a makeover based on that nemesis of Captain Cosmos, the Jester. I was no longer a fished-necked weirdo with a terrible and expensive gun. I was a green-haired psycho with a A3-21's Plasma Rifle. I got it by tracking down a wayward android. It was the best move I ever made, although it made me into a complete outcast."
    "I wasn't trying to be evil, I just wanted to make some quick Caps, and keep to myself. People were still idiots. Yeah, I know I have a ridiculously huge mouth and beady little eyes! My Ted never seamed to mind. But I'd lost Ted, my one true friend. So I made a point to find every single Teddy I could, in case one of them was Ted. I bought a stuffed dog for my apartment that goes with my pre-war decorations, and stroked him until his fur fell out. But as my wealth and skills grew, and I found more of my favorite and rare items, I could take down squads of Super Mutants without breaking a sweat."
    "Great talking to you, Moira, but I gotta go; there's a place called Rockopolis, and I have to find it. Maybe Ted is there."