Pork N' Beans (Fallout 3)

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For Pork n'Beans that appear in the Fallout series, see Pork N' Beans.
Pork N' Beans
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+5 Hit Points
+3 Radiation
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Greasy Prospector Pork N' Beans are a consumable item in Fallout 3.


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The "Greasy Prospector" Improved Pork And Beans is a nutritious meal, composed of beans stewed in a tomato sauce with chunks of pork belly cured and cooked in hickory smoke (i.e. bacon) forming an integral part of the dish. The tin has a distinctive brown color with a red label wrapped around it. Like most pre-War foods, it's prepared to remain edible for hundreds of years.

Once consumed, it can restore some health, but like almost all other food items in the games, also nets a small amount of radiation.


  • In Rivet City in the guards quarters upstairs, a stockpile of Pork N' Beans tins can be found under a cot in a corner.


  • Tins of Pork N' Beans are often difficult to spot, due to the large number of similar-looking empty tin cans that can be found lying around.